The Chosen – Chapter 10 Teaser

Alex awoke around six that night. Besides feeling strangely sore and lightheaded, he felt refreshed. As he tried to recall what happened, he remembered making love to some woman, but the details were a blur. He still couldn’t distinguish if it had been a dream or not. There was a love bite on his neck that indicated he had surely engaged in sex. There was no denying that.

“Well, you wanted something that promised adventure and danger, and now you’ve got it,” Alex said to his reflection in the mirror. “Is this really something you want to get into deeper?” He grabbed the razor, and started shaving. “Why not? It only gets better from here.”

Just then, a familiar voice spoke in his mind. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

He flinched and accidentally nicked his chin. He gazed around the bathroom and realized there was no reason to get worked up as there was nothing there in the bathroom but him.

“You just keep thinking I’ll do nothing. I’m warning you again to leave this town. It’s ours,” the voice echoed. Alex froze and glanced around the room in hopes of seeing something, anything. But still there was nothing. “After all, what can you do, a mere mortal, against us? While you are one, we are many. For each of us, there are multiple powers both above and below our ranks of distinction. You’re fighting a losing battle.”

“Depart from me, Lutancix!” Alex commanded.
“By whose authority?” Lutancix questioned in amusement.
“Mine,” he quipped.
His mind was filled with echoing, demented laughter before Lutancix answered. “Christ I know . Paul I know . . . but who the fuck are you, smartass?”


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  1. что-то у тебя разъезжается все в ie:


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