The Chosen – Chapter 11 Teaser

The time seemed to pass slowly, and he found himself unable to peel his eyes from the clock. He grew restless and glanced around, hoping to see some sign of Alex, but there wasnt. In his hung-over paranoid state, all he could do was sit there uneasily and with growing impatience.

“For the love of shit!” He finally spoke loud enough for a nearby security guard to hear.

The guards attention was drawn to Usher, an he started at him for a moment or two before he walked over towards him, both hands resting on his belt like a hero gunslinger.

You got a problem sir The guard asked

Usher stood and replied, looking past him No. Sorry. Just having a bad fucking day.

The guard ignored what he heard and said, Try and keep it down okay.

“Or what? Youll ask me to leave? Fuck, what a crime that would be! Listen, rent-a-cop, do yourself a favor and go shake down the convenience store for a day old donut”. He felt like saying, but didnt.

Rather, he nodded and again apologized and sat down again and watched the guard walk away back to the reception desk, where he continued to talk to the night nurse and occasionally glance over at him.

Thats right idiot. Keep looking. Better yet, take a photo. Itll last longer.

Let it go, Usher. Slowly, he turned and stared in shock. My friend, let go of your hatred.

He shook his head and stood up. No, no, youre not gone, you cant be!

Sit down! Drake said, You dont to create a scene.

Usher glanced back at the guard then sat down next to Drake.

Dont look at me. Just pretend Im not here. Anything you say kept it quiet. You dont wanna end up in the nuthouse

My friend, what the hell is going on? Usher whispered.

Its too late for me, friend, my race is over. Drake answered.

Usher couldnt believe what he was seeing or hearing, and his heart began to fill with hatred. Alex just came down to your room. Where the hell is that kid?

Drake sensed the anger Usher felt towards Alex, and said, It was not Alex who entered that room

What do you mean?

It was one of Lutancixs shape shifters

What is the point of all this? Usher questioned himself. The answer was simple, and it was surprising that Usher hadntseen it. He was up against all forms of deceptions that were aligned to destroy him. The Alex he had seen that had walked into that room had turned off the life support machine and smothered Drake with a pillow, was not the real Alex at all, but a manifestation of Tanzacs. Usher realized that now.

Usher realized that all of them were pawns in this war. Everything was done the way it was because that is how it had to be. This was war, and both things that were natural and supernatural did what they could in order to win.

Suddenly he heard a strangely familiar laugh from next to him, and when he turned, he saw Lutancix sitting there in place of Drake.

Usher shot to his feet and backed away, gazing at Lutancix.

What the fuck did you do to Drake! He yelled

The same that we do to any mortal that we wanna kill! Lutancix snarled.

Usher froze in fear and could only scream, Fuck you! You will never take me!

Oh really, Lutancix quipped, I think they may have something to say about it though.

Usher looked in the direction where Lutancix pointed and he saw three security guards approaching him cautiously, with their hands on the gun holsters. He looked back at Lutancix and could only mutter, Why?

Lutancix jumped off the chair and snapped, With you dead, The One will fail! And so will the Grand Scheme of those idiots who call themselves The Elders!

Usher looked back at the guards, who stood close by with their guns now pointed at him. They ordered him to drop face down on the floor. All he felt was overwhelming fear. He had no idea what to do. His seemingly great knowledge had forsaken him, as had his power. He was helpless, alone, and frightened. A cold sweat broke out on his brow, and he felt like crying.

* * * *

Lutancix said nothing as he stared hatefully at the man in front of him. He clearly saw the years of pain that this man had endured, but he knew that was nothing compared to what would soon take place. When Tanzac was through with Usher, his mind would be gone. He had the power to make this so, and he was very intent on making it happen.

Lutancix had a wicked smile on his face as he walked toward Usher.

All Usher could do was wish he were somewhere else. He thought maybe if he closed his eyes all this would disappear. He did so for a split second, and when he opened them, he realized he was out of time. The outcome of this situation was his death, he knew that. He took a deep, nervous breath, closed his eyes and waited. Many thoughts flooded his mind, and then silence. He could hear nothing, not even his heart beat. Was he dead? He felt no pain. Maybe it had been instantaneous. The last thing he heard was the guards, who ordered him again to drop to the floor. That was the very last thing he heard.

Usher opened his eyes, and all he saw was darkness. His mind, body and soul were captive in this place with no escape. He should have been afraid, but strangely enough he wasnt. All the fears he had felt before, had passed, and were now a part of the darkness around him. He felt an unusual sense of tranquility; he had only felt this one other time in his life. This place may have appeared or felt like paradise, but it was only another illusion.

Sometime later, Usher began to realize things were about to get really bad. He had given up trying to figure out how he had gotten here. It may be his mind trapped in this everlasting darkness, while his body remained in the real world.

He was dead.

In the real world, he watched as the guards drew their guns and ordered him to kneel on the ground. In those few seconds before the gun fire, he saw Tanzac, and he watched terrified as Tanzac ordered the guards to fire! Usher could do nothing but watch as the guards obeyed, and immediately opened fire on him. Sounds of gunfire filled that room and in a split second it was over. The silence. Usher may have been unarmed, but to everyone who witnessed this incident, he was wielding a machete.

In the split seconds that followed the gunfire, Usher was transported into the depths of Tanzacs world. Not only Usher, but also the guards, Drake, and everyone else in that hospital. In the blink of an eye Tanzac had transported everyone into his realm where hey would suffer an eternity of their own private hell


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