Bloodline Of Darkness – Untitled Chapter

Alex looked around at the place where Jamiesonn’s shack once stood. Now, instead of being a rustic shack, the ground was scorched and dead. Nothing could grow here, nor would it ever again. He didn’t want to do this, face his nemesis once again, but he knew he had to.

He shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes.

In an instant he vanished and reappeared in Jamiesonn’s world. He looked around and even here everything had changed. Jamiesonn was no longer a captive in his own world, and everything was how it was before. His victims were once again suffering in his private hell, and he was once again free to roam and destroy. The only difference now was that Jamiesonn was limited by what he could do. Sure he had power to enslave his victims, but the one thing he could not do was manifest in the real world, and for that he was pissed off.

“Greetings Soo-kah.” Jamiesonn spoke from behind him.
His voice was powerful, even maybe moreso than what Alex remembered. “Jamiesonn.” Alex said as he turned to face him.
Jamiesonn stood proud before his enemy and glared at him with pure hatred.
“See you made some changes since my last visit.” Alex quipped.
“Scoff not, boy. As soon you will be suffering with them.” Jamiesonn replied as he stepped forward and stood right infront of him.
“You said that last time and look what happened. I kicked your protoplasm ass all over this world of yours, and made you an example to all your captives.”
Jamiesonn glanced away for a moment, and then looked back at Alex. “Be that as it may hero, but take a look around. What you see is by my will.”
Alex glanced around and although he was surprised to know that everything had been restored to what it had been previously, he sure did not show the puzzlement.


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  1. Ah young Danny… I am yet to decide what to do with this character. It is a new character added to the plot, and just how he will be used is undetermined. Needless to say, the “new darkness” I will unveil will be a surprise for everyone 🙂


  2. Hi Ana. Alex has not seen anything yet. This is just the beginning 🙂


  3. Sounds great!


  4. Sounds intriguing C A, seems like Alex is going to have one bloody adventure facing his enemy. Looking forward to reading more excerpts.


  5. What a very sad life Alex is leading. would he be gone, dead, except for his son Danny. And now, I think Danny will be used against him.


  6. I started reading at the top. So this is the first bit. The before (I presume). Followed by Drake’s funeral and the ten years later with the advent of Alex’s son, Danny….

    I think I am getting the hang of this now… but don’t quote me on it…


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