Dining Guide To Russia

In my journeys here in Russia, I have come across food that is considered unique elsewhere in the world.

Of all the dishes I have tried so far, one of my favorites has to be, without a doubt, Pancakes with Liver.

Now although it may sound disgusting as pancakes should be topped with piles of maple syrup, but until you have tried this, you have no idea what you are missing.

The following is a recipe I found on the internet, so this is pretty much similiar to what we have.

Have a read, try it for yourself, and Enjoy!

More recipes coming soon, as well as my book “C.A.Milson’s Guide To Russia”

Pancakes with mashed potatoes and meat
Break 4 eggs to a big bowl and mix them. Pour half a liter of milk and mix it with eggs. Add enough wheat flour to get a liquid of sour cream density. Mix it very thoroughly. Add some pinches of salt and sunflower oil. Mix everything once more and start making pancakes.

The art of pancakes is in spreading the batter all over the pan quickly and evenly. Also if you want to have safe and unharmed pancakes you should turn them over by throwing them up and catching them back on the pan.

Ok. Let’s do the stuffing. Boil some potatoes in salt water, pour out water and mash potatoes (add some milk while mashing). Cut onions to small pieces and fry onions with minced meat. Mix everything.

Fold the stuffing into pancakes the following way: put the stuffing in the center of the pancake and fold it from two sides, then roll the pancake from one of its other two sides.

4 eggs
1 liter of milk
200-300 g of weat flour
200 g of sunflower oil
1 kilo of potatoes
2 big onions
500 g of minced meat


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