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#1. Review Of “The Chosen”
Review By: Inne (1)
Date and Time: 11-11-08 @ 9:23pm
Reviewer’s Rating: (4.5)
Review Follows:

Wow! This is really great! There were only a few grammatical things like apostrophes and at one point two words were stuck together, but other than that this is a really well written piece!

#2. Review Of “The Chosen”
Review By: Anonymous Reviewer
Date and Time: 10-24-08 @ 10:16pm
Reviewer’s Rating: (3.0)
Review Follows:

Nice, dramatic story. Some random notes:

I liked the way you avoided repetition with: He carefully observed and He turned his attention, although the last word appeared twice more in the paragraph.
Unclear sentance:
He carefully observed the other people as they came in then turned his gaze to others in this room.

#3. Review Of “The Chosen”
Review By: Pammi (3)
Date and Time: 10-16-08 @ 10:19am
Reviewer’s Rating: (5.0)
Review Follows:

This is a great start to what I feel will be a very good story. You have built the main character well, and the plot is engaging. I’m now left wondering who is the indian? what is the meaning behind his dreams. I feel that this is a clever way to leave the reader wanting more. Well done.
Keep writing

#4. Review Of “The Chosen”
Review By: Mr. Brightsyde (1)
Date and Time: 10-07-08 @ 8:49am
Reviewer’s Rating: (4.0)
Review Follows:

This was very intriguing. I genuinely felt for Alex and his paranoid dilema. But, there seemed to be a rushed pace throughout this whole thing. If it was slowed down a notch it might allow the reader to catch up, visualize the place and setting more. But, that is just a suggestion. This was very enjoyable.



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