The Dagger of Legion..

This horror short is a work in progress, so I will add to this as time goes on. This story is based on my recent visit to Nayanova University. The only factual part of this story is the dagger. Everything else is the result of my own bizarre imagination.

Enjoy! 🙂

The Dagger of Legion

From the foundation of the earth, a dagger was formed, forged with the flames of hell, bestowed in it’s crystal with the blood of ages. It is believed that whoever should possess the Dagger of Legion and speaks the ancient words of Kalambilavnetza will have power over the elements. Yet if the dagger was to fall into the hands of a corrupt one, darkness would spread upon the land, and evil would again reign the four corners of the world.

The Dagger was lost 2,000 years ago, when Legion was cast into the abyss, and now the dagger sleeps, waiting for the time when it’s name will be called upon again.


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