Sad… But true

My new blog is rather a disturbing one. So please, if you are offended by cruelty, I would suggest you go here.

Otherwise, please read on….

Today was like any other day in Samara. It was damn cold, and overcast. I was standing on our balcony drinking my morning coffee, watching 3 *street-dogs barking at something they had found in a pile of wood that is under someone’s balcony, in the building across from ours.

(Note: I call them street dogs mainly due to the fact that they are homeless)

At first I thought nothing of it, as these three mutts had obviously found something entertaining to amuse their small minds…

How wrong I was!

After watching these three Hell Hounds for some moments, I soon found out what all their commotion was about… A cat! I watched as a small cat had made a dash for freedom, to escape these hell beasts, but that was not to be. I watched, horrorfied, as these three mongrels from the bowels of hell attacked the poor cat, with one of the dogs quickly snaring the cat in it’s mouth….

Needless to say I did not stand there and continue watching. I put my shoes on and ran out of our apartment to go to the aid of the cat, but I was too late. These three dogs had killed the cat, and they took off as soon as they saw me running towards them…

My heart went out for the cat as I picked it up and disposed of the dead animal. Now I could understand if they had killed it for food, since they are homeless, but they didn’t. They killed this cat, which was obviously someone’s pet, for sport…

I do have to say that this was the first time I had seen this happen, and yes, it is sad to say what I saw, but it is also true.


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