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C.A. Milson meets students at Nayanova University

Okay the title is a little off, but that is all I could think of right off thetop of my head.. Besides, today I have a migraine the size of Montana, so I can be a little slack with a new post.

Today was the day I had been secretly dreading for almost a week. Talking with students! Okay, I have to say here that I am not particulary afriad of taking to students, but it is the whole “public speaking” thing that I cringe at. Public speaking is not the easiest thing to do.. Especially when everyone is staring at you, and one feels like that they have to be an actor and portrait a certain image that everyone has built up in their minds about you, and hope that you don’t make a complete idiot of yourself in the process. 🙂

We arrived at the university a little later than expected, thanks to the traffic congestion that was backed-up some two miles or more, and when we finally got there, we were introduced to the editors of the magazine School English. As it turns out, the main editor – Valery – is a HUGE AC/DC fan, and has their latest album on the computer. He also had the latest Metallica album on CD. Quite interesting note there as AC/DC is an Australian band.. So, way to go Valery!  🙂

Okay, so getting back to the topic… Speaking. I was shown to the class of Philosophy Studies, and introduced to the class of ten students. Nice and small? Well, I will say that.. The audience and room was small, and made me feel a little awkward. (Not because I am claustrophobic, but because I think public speaking is about as much fun as watching grass grow!)… But awkwardness aside, I think that the students must have felt some degree of awkwardness also as the questions were few.. Or maybe they were bored with my presense?? Hmm.. Anyway, the lecture went something like this:

I introduced myself and Anna to the class, and then their teacher asked her students of they had questions.

Silence.. (Okay, this is the point where one should hear the sounds of crickets!!!) 🙂

Finally one girl with black long hair in the back asked the first question, and asked how old I was. I replied “Over 25.” trying to break the monotomy of sounding like a real card. (Obviously that didn’t work!)

Okay, questions were now limited to questions on writing. The only guy in the class (lucky him!) asked me about Russia literature. Sorry, but my knowledge of Russian authors is limited to what I see online 😦

First girl then asked me about how I got started. Okay, this is where I got “Interesting” . Of course, I gave her the condensed version, skipping the part about “Shack of Evil”, and the titles of the other 26 short stories I had penned back in 1989.

Some twnety minutes later, my brief encounter with public speaking was over, and I could breath again. (Phew!). With the nervousness aside, I think that it went okay. I certainly think it did as the students did ask me for the web address.

Then it was back downstairs to the knife-throwing area. Ah how I missed this! I spent the next hour throwing knives at the target (Did alot better this time I did!), and got to meet the Knife-throwing president, Andrej, who invited Anna and I to the local Samara tournament on December 12th. Andre, we will be there without a doubt!

I would like to take this moment to say a special thank you to the Philosophy Class with hosting me today. You all were great!

Keep watch for a special edition of School English, where I will have an expose on Christmas in Australia, titled, “An Australian Christmas”. I will be looking at the traditions of Australians at the festive season also some famous Aussie Slang that you Canna Miss Oi!

Again a big thanks to Sergey to helped put this together.

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