C.A. Milson Interview at The New Author Part II


This is Part II of my interview with C.A. Milson. Also, C.A. will be back today to respond to your comments and/or questions. The first part of the interview is available if you did not get the chance to read it. I recommend reading the associated comments as well.

Now for some great questions and responses. (C.A.’s responses in bold)

How much of your own life and experiences are in the pages of – The Chosen?

Okay… I admit… There is some of me in each character. That’s not to say I am a megalomaniac who schemes every night to take over the world!!! LOL… Seriously though, there is definitely a part of me in each character, whether it is the way they talk or their personality traits. But a lot of each character is also taken from those I have met, and other character traits from some figures of history. But as far as the life experiences go, there are different theologies that I have studied that were added, but unfortunately were cut.

Looking beyond the completion of this trilogy; what do you see in your future?

After “Prophecy’s End”, I intend to rework my screenplay and maybe film it in New Zealand and Russia. It is a supernatural sci-fi work-in-progress. The storyline has the “what-if” scenario. For now it is just a mess of ideas, so I don’t want to say too much about it, but I will say that it will be one of those projects that will be worth the wait. In 1989 I wrote a further 26 short stories, so I will rewrite each of those and turn it into a novel.

From 1994 to 2006 you were a freelance marketing agent. Has that experience helped you with marketing/promoting yourself and The Chosen?

My experience in marketing has given me a very clear understanding of just how much goes into “marketing”, and even though I have done similar in the past (with putting on my own murder-mystery-dinner-parties), this is very much different to any other form of marketing. Okay, running an event is one thing and is relatively easy to do. The market one is targeting is limited to the demographic region that one wants to run an event. For instance, one places an ad in the papers, runs some promos on localized websites and put the name out to friends and associates. That, coupled with finding a venue and catering… All relatively easy compared to the mass promotion of a novel, and I have promoted everything from Kirby Vacuum-Cleaners to Mystery Shopping services.

C.A. Milson is your pen name. What made you decide to use a pen name? How did you come up with C.A. Milson?

Quite a funny story actually. I already knew that there was a children’s author named C.A. Jackson, so there I was, sitting at my computer and wondering to myself what nomdeplume will I call myself. Of course, there was quite a plethora of names that came to mind… Max Powers being one of them… lol. Finally one name did pop in my mind, from the tv show The Simpsons. Milhouse… Okay, not the best name for a horror writer, as one conjures up a thought of a geek wearing glasses with blue hair…so I took the first part of the name and added the last part of my surname and came up with the name Milson.

What did you learn about yourself and the writing business while producing – The Chosen?

I have learned a few things about myself while developing The Chosen. I have learned along the way that when it comes to writing a romance scene, I really stink at it! Just kidding… Seriously, I don’t think I would write a Mills & Boon type novel. That is one thing I do know about myself. Goodness knows, I once attempted to write a short romance, but it sounded far too cliché with phrases like “She ran her fingers along the blade of his sword”. Now how cliché is that? The same goes for comedy scenes. I also tried to add some form of comedy into an early story that I wrote, but that was about as funny as watching grass grow! No, I have learned that the genres I can write are sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and drama. Oh, and I can write children’s stories. But then again, when my imagination kicks into high-gear the possibilities are endless where I will take a scene.

Part III of this interview will be posted tomorrow.


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