The Bookstacks Mini Book Review of The Chosen

I usually don’t do reviews of partials – for obvious reasons – and I don’t usually do reviews of ebooks (because my eyes already get enough damage from all the work I do at the computer). However, I decided to put aside my rules as a favour for a fellow Australian and do a mini-review of The Chosen based on an excerpt than can be found here.

About the Book
There was a time when Alex had everything in life. He had a wonderful fiance and a fantastic job. That was until seven days ago when his completely normal life was turned upside down and he lost everything. It started with the sudden death of his father, Paul, then the disappearance of his mother, Samantha.

The third event occurred on the seventh day when the life of his fiancee, Alison, was taken in a horrific car accident. Now, years later, just when he started to get his life back on track, he is once again thrown into a world where nothing is what it seems, and he alone must come to terms with who he is and his calling to fulfill a destiny that he wants no part of.

For a beginning that involves abuse, prostitution, sex, and satanism, The Chosen excerpt wasn’t a bad read. Milson starts off by lulling the reader a bit into a former memory, thus – in my mind – rendering the horrors that occur more ‘digestible’ for the reader. This was a good move on his part, as it helped me be able to keep reading and to not be put off by the events that occur.

However, it does look like The Chosen needs a picky editor. Various typos – admittedly few and far between – pop up and could be taken care of with some good story polishing.

Even so, having read this first bit, I am interested enough to read on further.

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