Daily Archives: December 30, 2008

Happy New Year one and all!

2008 finished for us in a great way!

For all those who followed this blog, thank you again. Tune in through 2009 for more posts, and some upcoming candid interviews!

On January 1st and 2nd Be prepared for a candid interview with new Author A.S.Maslova.

Ms Maslova will be my special guest, and she will share with us some details about her life, what got her started as a writer and candid talk about her experiences in Sydney.

Ms Maslova is writing a book about her life experiences in Sydney. Hers is a story of Hope, Family, Friendships, Corruption and Betrayals. A real-life drama sure to be a best-seller!

Ask her questions, leave comments and welcome her to the world of writing!

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