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Milson Interviews Russian Writer A.S. Maslova

My first guest for this year is a newbie to the world of writing, A.S.Maslova. Now A.S. is writing a story based on her experiences in Australia. Hers is a story of Hope, Family, Friendships, Corruption and Betrayals. A real-life drama, so please welcome A.S. today on being my first guest for 2009!

C.M.: Ms Maslova, please tell us something about you and your life:
I was born and grew up in the city called Samara in the family of a pediatrician and a civil engineer, went to school and was making plans to enter university and study law. The death of my father changed a lot in the course of events of my life. And in 2003 I was one of those who entered historical faculty in Samara State University. A year after that I also passed my entrance exams in Samara Branch of Moscow Pedagogical University in order to get additional education in foreign languages. In 2004 I first got to see the world around me (this journey started from seeing Moscow for the first time in my life, then it was followed by a number of different cities and countries and changed so much in me and my attitude towards everything around).

C.M.: I understand you have travelled quite alot. Where have you been and do you have a favorite location? Why?
By the age of 22 I have been to Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Australia and Japan. Each country impressed me in its own way. But as long as the tour, Czech Republic was my first experience of travelling abroad without family or friends, so it stands out from the rest. And, of course, the whole atmosphere of Golden Prague, it’s churches, bridges, towers, the way autumn multi-coloured leaves add natural beauty to the beauty created by genius of men.

I spent four months in New Bern, NC, USA, and from the first days I felt like I am at home – thanks to wonderful people God gave me a chance to meet there. I made a lot of friends there, and the people I stayed with most of the time made me feel like I’m part of their family.

I was always thinking of Japan as of a country in some parallel world – super technologies of the 22nd century, the way people dress and act – everything about it differs so much from the rest of the world. And first hours I was there I still couldn’t stop thinking that it was just a dream. Unfortunately, it was almost as short as a dream – couple days, but me and my husband liked it so much that we’re planning on going their again one day.

C.M.: Tell us a little about your novel and when and where we can get it.
My novel is about one of my travels. The journey to Australia was meant to be the beginning of a happy period in the life of our family, but it quickly turned to be opposite – suffering, humiliation and vulnerability. Stress and hardships I never experienced before and wish no one will in their lives. The months we spent there showed me how some people are because they have Money. It showed me that the Friendship of some can be fickle, and they easy Betray anyone to get what they want, with no regard to the promises they made to others. There is alot of other things in the story also that deal with my personal experiences in Australia. Like my first impressions on the country when I first arrived, what I thought of the culture and Aussie Lingo, and also some light-hearted things. I dont have a title as yet, but I have an idea for what i will call the book. It will be called something to do with dreams or hopes, mentioning the name they give australia – upside down or something like that…. 🙂 I am still writing the outline of how it should sound, so I don’t have a publisher yet. My husband is sending out emails on my behalf to agents and publishers.

C.M.: How do you balance your work life and personal life?
My husband is a writer himself so he understands and supports me a lot. Actually he came up with the idea of me writing this book. I am thankful for that as putting everything on paper helps me to get some memories out of my head and leave then in the book instead of coming to me in nightmares or accidental thoughts.

C.M.: Do you follow a regular routine, or are you a seat of the pants sort of character?
I’m trying to find time for everything – work, taking care of my family and having some time for myself. Everything depends on my mood in the morning and the number of things on my imaginary MUST DO TODAY list.

C.M.: You have mentioned a little about your upcoming book. Looking beyond the completion of this book, what do you see in your future?
I won’t even try to predict, foresee or make plans, as I am not good at that. I just hope this book will be of any use, interest or help to anyone, hope people will like it as I’m putting a big part of my soul and the story of my own life in it.

C.M.:It is said that music soothes the soul, what is your favorite?
Every part of my life has a soundtrack. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy-exactly as my life is… Among the most memorable songs are Any other world by Mika, Big girls don’t cry by Fergie, Whispering Wind by Ronan Hardiman. Almost all songs by Enya and some others that added sound and meaning to my life….

C.M.: What sort of television show do you like?
I usually skip from channel to channel, stopping at Discovery, National Geographic or Animal Planet..

C.M.: Do you have a favorite show on TV that helps in moving your muse?
I don’t have a favourite one, have several that I enjoy, Tv can’t influence or inspire me, although helps a bit when I’m stressed.

C.M.: If you could collaborate with any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?
J.R.R.Tolkien, Ernest Hemingway, Erich Maria Remarque. Reading their books I couldn’t help admiring ideas, language, characters and descriptions. But I guess I’m aiming far too high.

C.M.: What is your thoughts on promotion for books?
I am a beginner in the industry, so I will need some advice, good thing I have someone in the family to turn to.

C.M.: Would you like to add any final thoughts?
Well,it is just the beginning of 2009 and I’d like to wish this year to become happy for everyone, whether life will be peaceful or full of events, stable or filled with changes (for the better).

Ms Maslova, thank you for being my guest today on my web. All of us wish you all the best with your upcoming book.

Folks, Ms Maslova has a new web up and she can be found at:



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