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In July 2009…

Demon forces of old have arisen to finish what had begun, and an unwilling hero must choose the fate of who lives and who dies…

The fate of the world lies in the hands of The One…

And a new Darkness will be unveiled…

Bloodline of Darkness. Available in E-Book in English and Russian.

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Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Two – Part One


Like any other work day, Alex arrived home at somewhere around 3:30 PM after another day at the factory. He parked his car – a white Holden Commodore V6 – in the basement carpark, and after his normal routine of sitting in the car and listening to the news update while he enjoyed a cigarette, he turned off the engine, got out of the car, locked it, and walked towards the elevator. Nothing unusual about that. However, today was different for some reason. As he walked towards the elevator, he had an uneasy feeling that he was being watched.

He stopped and turned around, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Yet, he felt that there was something there. He had a strange feeling that he was being watched. He stood there and looked around slowly as he figeted with his keys. The jingling of the keys in his hand was the only sound in that place, and that should have been enough to satisfy his couriosity, but it wasn’t. As he looked around, he happened to notice just how strangely dark one section of the carpark was, and he leaned forward a little to peer into the darkness. Just then a cold chill swept over him, and he trembled. Immediately a part of him wanted to turn and run for the elevator, but the other part of him wanted to know what was at the other end of the carpark. It had been a long day and he was tired. Rational thought was not part of his understanding right now, so allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, he started to walk slowly towards that darkness.

Again that deathly coldness emanated from the darkness and now filled the carpark, and he felt afraid. Afraid of what was there, afraid of the unknown.

“Is someone there?” he called out, stopping for a moment to take a long look at that darkness. There was no reply, not of words anyway. Instead, he could hear a faint noise that he couldn’t make out what it was exactly. At first it sounded like maons, but it wasn’t.

He put his keys in his pocket and started to back away towards the elevator, taking each step slowly until his back was against the wall. Almost clumsily, he pressed the elevator button repeatedly until finally he heard the sound of the elevator bell, and he turned towards the door, anxiously wanting to get out of there.

“Alex” He heard his name echo in a cold whisper.

He turned quickly and stared around. Nothing. Nothing except that darkness. The darkness which now seemed to fill that carpark. His eyes darted around from one end to the other, but no one was there. At least, no one physical was there. He heard the elevator doors open behind him and he backed into the elevator and quickly pressed the button to his floor. He watched as the elevator doors slowly closed in front of him, seemingly closing the door on this darkness and his fears.

The door closed and he sighed with a certain relief, thinking that in a matter of moments, he would be safe in his apartment with the girlfriend from hell and the son he loved dearly. Soon, he thought, he would sit down to luke-warm dinner of spaghetti and toast and discuss his day with his family. Soon he would watch Seinfeld on TV, and fall asleep watching re-runs of Star Trek…………

He was shaken out of his daydream of a perfect life when the elevator suddenly grinded to a stop. He looked at the digital panel above the door that was alternating from 3 then 4 then back to 3. This wasn’t the first time this had happened to him in this elevator, and like he normally would do, he went to press the emergency button, but instead of the alarm sounding off, he was thrown to the floor by an powerful electrical charge. Stunned, he looked up at the panel, and then at the doors. There was a brief moment of silence, before the he heard a distinct grinding, as though someone was trying to tear open the elevator car like a tin. In an instant the lights flickered and shorted out, and the elevator stopped vibrating. He was alone in the darkness, trapped, afraid. He had no idea what to do or what to expect.

Silence. Nothing but his own irratic breathing was all he heard in the elevator. No sounds from the outside world, no voices, no noice. He wondered if he was even alive, as the silence was too damn peculiar. Slowly he got to his feet and looked at the buttons on the panel. He hesitated to press any of the buttons, just in case he got another electic shock, but summing up the courage he quickly pressed one of the buttons. Nothing. It didn’t even make a noise when he pressed it.

“Shit”. He thought out loud, “This aint good.” He stepped back and looked up at the ceiling. He could faintly make out the outline of the emergency hatch, and for a moment he comtemplated the idea of escaping through the ceiling, but his idea was shot to pieces as he knew that the emergency hatch didn’t work. He slumped back against the wall and sighed heavily. “This sucks”. He whispered, looking towards the place where he thought the doors were. He stepped over to the doors and fumbled around to find the edge.
There it was! He tried to pry it open, to no avail. That door was jammed shut.

“Hello!” He yelled as loud as he could…. Nothing. “Is anyone out there!” Again nothing. Not a damn sound. “Fuck this shit!”

Alex was too damn tired for this. He was too tired and too old to be afraid of the dark…At least, so he thought.
“Keep telling yourself that bucko!” A voice spoke to his mind, but was too faint to even hear. Or more to the point, he didn’t even notice.

He sighed and fell back against the wall and stared around in the darkness.
“So this is what it must be like to be fucking blind.” He mused to himself.
“Hardly.” A voice said from almost next to him.
He jumped, startled and quickly backed into the corner and looked around quickly, “Who the fuck said that?”
“Never mind who I am.” The voice said.
Alex was afraid again, but not like before. No, there was something about this voice that told him that this thing wasn’t here to harm him… Or maybe…
“Wh-what do you…”
“You left me Alex.” The voice spoke, “You left me trapped in that place!”
“You fucking maniac! You left me trapped in hell!” The voice was closer now, and more frantic.
“I – I don’t know what.”
Suddenly, from the darkness he could faintly make out a face.. A face that was scorched and riddled with maggots.
“Take a good look at what you left behind!” The voice screamed with anger.
Alex screamed in fear.
“Wake up dickhead!” It screamed in his face.

* * * * * * *

Part Two of Chapter Two coming soon….

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