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Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Two – Part Four

Chapter Two Continued…

Alex opened his eyes with a startle and looked around. He was alone.
“DAMN IT!” He yelled as loud as he could, banging his fists on the wall. “What the hell is going on!”

He hated this. No, he REALLY hated this! He banged his head against the wall for good measure, just to make sure that this time he was awake.
“OW!” He screamed as he craddled his head in his hands.
Okay, this time he was sure that he was awake. A headache this bad had to be real!

He didn’t have time to think anything else as afew seconds later he heard a familiar sound, which was a welcomed relief.

DING! He heard the sound of the elevator.

“About time!” he muttered, “Had enough of this for one day!” He regained his composure and stood near the door and waited for it to open. “Going to get home, eat, get smashed on vodka and listen to Metallica.” He said to himself.

He was too focused on the impatience of the door opening to notice that the elevator was still almost in darkness, with the exception of the dim glow of the red light that flickered in the celing. Not that he really cared anyway. The only thing he was thinking about was getting inside the apartment.

Seconds passed, and still the elevator door had not opened.
“That’s strange.” He muttered. Looking at the panel then at the door. He glanced up and noticed that the light showed that he was on the ninth floor, which was the right floor. But the door had not opened.
Hmmm. He thought. He listened carefully, to see if he could hear anything. He wasn’t sure what, but he could hear something beyond that elevator door. He turned his head and listened more intently, pressing his ear against the door.

“What the hell is that?” He whispered, “Crackling?” He leaned back and stared strangely at the door, and listened as the sounds become louder and closer.

Noise.. The elevator jolted and the door began to move. Alex stood back and watched as the door slowly opened. He turned his gaze from the door to what lay beyond this elevator.. Darkness. Nothing but a vast darkness, but there was heat, intense heat.

“This can’t be happening!” He screamed.

He stood back against the wall and shielded his eyes with his hands. As the door opened more, that heat grew more intense, until finally the door was fully opened, exposing him to the fullness of this heat.

Instantly the elevator started to get intensly hot and the walls began to smoke and smelter. He tried to find a place to cover, but there was nowhere to run. He was trapped!

“HELP!” He screamed, as he looked out into that darkness. “HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME!”

The heat began to singe his clothes and within a mere few seconds the walls and ceiling began to melt and the floor became incredibly hot that the soles of his shoes began to melt. The stench of burning metal and rubber filled that elevator.

He was overcome by the heat and he fell on his knees and screamed in agony as the intense fire grew hotter. His nostrils began to fill with the awful stench of his skin burning.

In seconds his face ignited from the heat. Flames began blazing from his eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth — every opening in his body, flames were roaring out. His body sizzled and crackled from the fire.

He madly thrashed and convulsed from the horrible pain. He wanted this to stop! He begged for this to stop! But it wouldn’t!

“When will this pain stop?” He screamed, but it never would. He WAS in hell!

The darkness was terrifying, but from out of the darkness he felt something begin to stir. Something was there, something more terrorfying than that damn inferno!

His screams of agony was the last thing that could be heard before his skelton was all that remained for a mere second, before his skelton was also engulfed in the fire.

As quickly as the heat and fire appeared, it vanished and only darkness remained.

Silence. There was silence now. No thoughts, no pain. No imaginations. Nothing but fucking silence! Was he dead? It seemed so.

* * * * * * *

Stay Tuned.. Part Five Up Next…

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