Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Two – Part Five

Chapter Two Continued….

Alex opened his eyes and gasped heavily. He was laying on the floor, drenched in sweat and terrorfied. He scurried back into the corner and glanced around nervously.

“Alive!” He whispered. “I’m alive!” He sighed heavily, relieved, but terrorfied as hell. He was hesitant to do anything but sit there just in case that whatever he did ended up to be another nightmare. He drew his knees up near his chin and grasped his legs tight. He was afraid. Really afraid.


“Oh hell no!” He whimpered as he closed his eyes. He listened fearfully as the door slowly grinded open, then silence… again

“Alex?” He heard a female’s voice say. “Alex!” Her voice yelled with grave concern.
He wanted to open his eyes and look, but he was too afraid to do anything.
“Alex! Are you okay!” Her voice yelled again. He remained there, trembling, weeping, eyes closed tight.
“Alex!!” The woman shook him hard and he opened his eyes to see Tara.

He gasped with relief.
“Are you okay?” She asked.
“I – I don’t know.” He muttered as she helped him up to his feet and began to lead him out of the elevator
“What happened to you? You look like hell.”
“If only you knew.” He said softly, trembling from his experience.

He was not sure if this was real or not, but if anything he was relieved that he wasn’t in that damn elevator. Tara lead him down the hall and paused near his apartment and fumbled for her keys.
“You better stay at my place and lay down for a while.” She said, “You can crash on my sofa.”
He nodded and watched as she got out her keys and unlocked the door.

“You know,” she whispered, as she opened the door and helped him inside, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”
Alex went and slumped on her sofa and groaned as he sat down. Although his experience with the flames of darkness was notning but a vision, his body was oddly in pain. He couldn’t figure out why, and he still had no idea if this was yet another vision. In any case, he really didn’t care. He was safe here, on this white sofa, and that was good for now. The last thing on his mind was going home, or anythine else. He was exhausted, mentally and physically.

He closed his eyes and slowly the pain in his body started to subside. He could feel the aching, the pinching, the strain, starting to fade. He could breathe again normally now. Yes, he was sure that this was reality… or he hoped as much anyway.

Tara locked the door and went and joined him on the sofa. “I have to tell you Alex.” She continued, “I may not have known you and Karen for long, but I have seen enough to know you’re not happy.”
“Oh?” he asked, opening his eyes and glancing over at her.
“Damn Alex.” She said, “You really look terrible.”
“I’ve seen better days.” He smiled.
Let me get you a drink and you can tell me what happened.”
He nodded and watched her get up and walk into the kitchen. “So what the hell happened to you Alex? Did someone do you over?” She called out from the kitchen
“No. Noone did me over. Just…”
She came back into the loungeroom with two glasses of rum and coke. She handed him his drink, and took a sip of hers, “So tell me what happened.”
“I’m not sure.” He said, and groaned as he leaned forward and took a drink. “All I know is that I parked the car, got in the elevator, then all this weird crap started to happen.”
“Oh? Like what?” She asked.
He glanced over at her then looked at no particular point in between his feet. “I wish I could tell you, but I don’t understand it myself. Besides, you wouldn’t believe it.”
“Go ahead, Alex. You can tell me.” She reassured him, placing her hand on his.
He smiled at her and shook his head. “I don’t know how to tell you. You may think I’m insane.” He let out a mock laugh and continued, “Hell, I experienced something really messed up and I think I’m insane, so why wouldn’t you think the same?”
“No. I wouldn’t think that.” Her hand held his firmer, and he found comfort in that. He felt he could trust her.

He sighed heavily and told her everything that had happened in the elevator. He told her about the visions, the darkness, the terror he witnessed. When he had finished recounting most things, with the exception of the vision of her, he looked at her and her expression told what he had suspected.

“What you think I’m insane, don’t you.” He said as he stood up, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything… I better go.”
“No.” she said, reaching for his hand. “Stay. Please.”
He glanced at her hand and looked in her eyes. Her words were soft, soothing, comforting, and the look in her eyes. That look, was familiar to him. A look he had not seen since…

She motioned for him to sit next to her by patting the sofa, smiling at him. He was oddly comfy here. Too comfy, but what could he do? If this was another illusion there was nothing he could do. He knew that, but at least if this was another vision, it was more tolerable than the previous ones in that damn elevator.

He sat next to her and looked at her face, taking in every part of her. He noticed the light blemishes on her face and the dimples in her cheeks. She had a smile that was warm. He suspected something.

And how could he not? The last half hour or so he had been in a non stop series of visions which reminded him oddly of being in The Twilight Zone, and he wondered just when the bomb here would drop on this scene. After all, in the months she had lived across the hall, she had hardly said two words to him, and now all of a sudden she was Miss Compassionate of the Year. He hardly thought so. He didn’t know what force was at work in all this, but whatever it was, he would play it’s game for now.

“What do you think?” He asked.
“I don’t know Alex.” She said, and paused. She wanted to say something. He could see it. She probably was thinking that he was insane. If she thought that, she sure as heck wasn’t saying it.

She looked at him and motioned to say something, then hesitated.
“What is it?” He asked, assuming she was uncomfortable with his presence. He looked away and nodded, understanding, “I’ll go.” He said.
“No. Don’t.” She almost insisted. “I wanted to tell you…” She paused long enough to smile at him which was reassuring.
“Don’t keep me in suspense.” He joked, trying hard to make light of a situation he felt that was otherwise going to explode on his face.
“As I started to say before, Alex, I haven’t known you and Karen long at all, and I have seen that you are not happy in the situation you are in.”
“That I can agree with.” He agreed, nodding, but thought Okay where is this going?
“There is something I have wanted to tell you for some time now, in regards to Karen.”
Okay here we go He thought
“I’m not sure if you know but, when you are at work she has, well, a visitor.”
Alex frowned and looked at her and asked with one brow raised, “Visitor?”
She motioned and said, “Ya know… A visitor.”
He looked away, “Oh.” He was stunned, no shocked. Shocked was hardly the word to use, more like angered. He felt angry and betrayed, but then again he did suspect something had been going on. Especially since of late she hadn’t wanted to have sex, claiming that she was too tired and wasn’t interested at all in him sexually.
“I know.” She said, placing her hand on his knee.
He glanced at her then looked away. He didn’t know if this was a dream, but he was certain of one thing, what he was told had been in the back of his mind for some time. He took another drink, and this time finished the almost full glass with one long swig.

For the first time in ages, alcohol actually was starting to do what the legends talked about… Relaxed him, and he started to feel more relaxed and open.
“Let me get you another drink.” She said, taking his glass and walking into the kitchen.

Alex reclined on the sofa and closed his eyes. Before too long, everything started to become blurry and the room started to spin.
“What the hell …” Was all he could whisper then he passed out. Only a darkness, that strange darkness, engulfed his mind.

* * * * *

Next Up.. Chapter Three, Part One

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