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Book ‘N’ Trailer Reviews

From Morag Stiles on – (Review About The Novel)

You know your stuff. You have your finger on the occult/religious/supernatural pulse. I recognise many of your references. Aaah the path less traveled… The first chapter is a bit long, but you and Erik Kripke will get on like a house on fire. (Erik Kripke writes Supernatural).

I respect writers that do their homework and write convincingly. Yes the sweat and fear, first experienced as a child in the dark … that fear you cannot rationalise, the fear for your life, without being able to pinpoint the danger….

You’ve conveyed that exceptionally well.

I’m backing your book. If you’re interested take a look at Release Me of Save Me …… contains the same elements in a different way.



Stephen Parker –  (About The Chosen Trailer V3)

Darkly compelling, artistically GORGEOUS! The music blends perfectly to lure the reader into the appropriate ravine of horror! Exquisite job!


James Brennan – (Sydney Aust) (About The Chosen Trailer V2)

Music sounded like it was from Silent Hill Horror… nice choice… and the blurbs are faster keeping your attention running…. much better mate… very cool


More to come ….


The Chosen – Book Trailer

Some days ago I had a chat with my good friend, Brian from The New Author, who gave me some suggestions about a Book Trailer, which would tie in nicely with the “Greatest Urban Legends” project I am soon to launch on You Tube.

Now I am not a professional movie maker, and infact I have never used a MovieMaker in my life, but this seemed like a fun idea, so after taking Brian’s advice, I got myself somewhat knowledgable about how to make a short clip, and away I went.

With the help of Windows Movie Maker I decided to make several versions of a book trailer of The Chosen.

The first video has the backgroud of the song, Black Fingernails Red Wine by Eskimo Joe. I have always thought that this is a fitting song for The Chosen, and ever since I heard it on You Tube, I have imagined this song being the theme for the book if it ever gets to be a movie.

The second version is the Eerie version which I put together late yesterday. It is shorter than the first one, but the sound is haunting. Have a listen and see which one you all like better.

Brian suggested that I add some images, so this piece is what I put together last night.

My YouTube Project will be going live in Summer.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Theme For The Chosen

Since I first saw this video, I knew that this song would be the great closing sequence for The Chosen if it ever gets to be produced into a movie.

The song is called Black Fingernails, Red Wine – by Eskimo Joe.

Check it out and leave feedback.

You Tube Channel

As mentioned in a previous post; Starting in June, I will be showcasing some Urban Myths and Legends on YouTube, featuring some of the best Urban Legends of Russia and New Zealand.

My first project will be to revisit the town of Chapayevsk and do a short film in the Municipal Cemetary, as I explain the Legend of Elena, who reportedly roams the Cemetary.

shirshtolni1 The second Webisode will take place in Zhiguli mountains near Shiryaevo which is in the Samara region.




Hardened Zoya

The Legend of Zoya is well known in the Samara region, so I will also be featuring this Urban Legend.

Going by Legends, on January 14, 1956, a young factory worker Zohi arranged a party. All who were invited had a partner to dance with but Zoya did not. Her fiance Nicholas did not come. Then she took out the icon of St Nicholas, and cried out: “As long as my Nicolas did not come I will dance with this Nicholas!” It is reported that she danced with the icon in her hands. Friends tried to stop Zoyu, but she said: “If there is a God, let him punish me.”

Suddenly they heard a thunder and lightning in the room. The other youth fled in fear. And when her friends returned, they saw Zoya standing in the middle of the room, paralyzed – almost stone-like, with the icon still in her hands.

For 128 days Zoya stood in the middle of the room. Crowds of people came from far and wide to witness the miracle.After 128 days, it is said that she woke up, repented and quietly died.


I have also heard that there are some great Urban Legends & Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg and Moscow, so coming in the Summer will be more Webisodes online.

AND as part of my Book Tour of Russia and New Zealand, I am giving one person in each country (Russia and NZ) the opportunity to be part of my “Dinner with an Author” experience.

The winner will get to have an evening with C.A.Milson which includes picked up at your residence, Dinner at a restaurant, followed by a Night Out on the town, an Autographed copy of The Chosen in paperback, and AS A BONUS: Be a featured Guest Host on my upcoming YouTube Project. The “Night with an Author” will also be broadcast on YouTube.

Two Runners up will each receive a $50 Gift Certificate.

RULES ON HOW TO ENTER: entry is OPEN to anyone. However, if the Winner does not reside in Russia or New Zealand, then that winner will receive a Gift Voucher for $100 to spend on

Entry is OPEN to anyone in Russia and New Zealand.

To enter: Purchase the The Chosen direct from my web, leaving your contact name and details.



Celebrity Dinner

Thank you to those who have answered YES on a previous post.

For those who have read the excerpts of The Chosen, you can now pre-order limited Autographed paperback copies of The Chosen in Russian. The Chosen is also available as E-Book from my website

As part of my Book Tour of Russia and New Zealand, I am giving TWO people the opportunity to win a Celebrity Date with me.

One Winner will be selected from the former USSR, and Another Winner will be selected from New Zealand.

Winner from the former USSR will get to have an evening with C.A.Milson which includes Dinner and a Night out, an Autographed copy of The Chosen in paperback, and be a featured host on my upcoming YouTube Project, Russian Urban Legends

For New Zealand entrants, One Winner will get to accompany me to the All Blacks Vs Australia Rugby game on Sept 19th at Westpac Stadium, Wellington and be a featured host on my You Tube Project, New Zealand Urban Legends

Two other Runners up will each receive a $50 Gift Voucher.

How To enter: Purchase the The Chosen direct from my web, and make sure to leave your contact name and details in a post on my website. (Details will not be made public unless asked)

To be in the Draw, Contestants need to purchase the E-Book by clicking  THIS link

Winner’s name selected at random and winner announced on here on May 30th 2009.

How To Purchase

The Chosen (English Language version) is available in these formats: Print Paperback (Coming in May 2009), HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF, Palm (.pdb), MobiPocket (.prc), & Microsoft Reader (.lit). (For Mobipocket orders, see below)

When purchasing through this website please indicate your download preference.

The Chosen E-Book is on sale for the Special Retail Price of $4.99USD

Order the The Chosen E-Book HERE


Coming in May 2009: The Chosen ~ Second Edition.  For a limited time, you can Pre-Order the Second Edition in paperback for the special rate of $10.50US. Be the first to see the new release before it hits the bookstores! Order by clicking the Paypal link below:


We are pleased to officially announce that The Russian version of The Chosen in NOW available in paperback!

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

In addition to the Paperback, The Russian Language version is also available in these formats: HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF

You can order the Digital Russian Version of The Chosen HERE by using Paypal, or chose one of the options listed below:

Libex: купля-продажа книг, букинистических и современных. Купить книги. Продать книги logo1 Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

Residents of Former USSR can also pay using Yandex Money to make payment for the E-Book.

(Номер счета: 41001342943029. Or email: Сумма к получению: 110 рублей)



Mobipocket orders: The Chosen ~ First Edition is available in English through Mobipocket or Lulu here:

download_mobi Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.


As part of my book tour of Australia and New Zealand in the latter part of 2009, those in Australia and New Zealand, can order The Chosen in paperback through this site for $25.00NZD.

nbnz_logo For those in New Zealand who do not use online payments methods such as Paypal or Credit Cards, you can Order the paperback by depositing $25.00NZD into our NBNZ business account. NBNZ payments can be done over the counter or though Internet Banking. Cash, Check or Money Orders accepted through NBNZ. For bank details email: with “Bank Deposit” in the subject line along with your shipping address. With all deposits, make sure you have your name and reference “Chosen” as the code. (Shipping takes approx 6 weeks from date of order).

Tour Stops will include: Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland


Coming in April, The Dark Realm Newsletter.  A monthly newsletter by Author C.A.Milson. Featuring: Readers Stories, Haunted Locations, Author News, Previously Unpublished Book Excerpts, Humor and a Monthly Contest Giveaway. Subscription is $1.99 a month. Subscribe Now


If you like this site and would like to see it continue with more information kindly donate


Russian Myths

This year has seen a new change come about with many things.

Firstly, with my book: I am pleased to announce that I had a professional translator translate my book into Russian, which is now available through this website.

For those who have read the excerpts, you can now pre-order limited Autographed paperback copies of The Chosen in Russian.

With other news, my article in SchoolEnglish magazine was a good success. Especially with my article on Ghosts of Chapayevsk.  In continuing with Russian Folklore, I will be featuring more articles and expose shorts on such Urban Ghost Stories.. A treat definately not for the faint of heart 🙂

I would also like to announce that coming this year will feature an added bonus to this site. I am talking of course of Urban Legends Online.


My research on Urban Myths and Legends will be on YouTube, featuring some of the best Urban Legends of Russia.

Do you have an Urban Legend or Ghost Story that you would like to see on YouTube?

Contact me as I may feature you on my YouTube Channel.


Purchase “The Chosen”

This post will give you details on where you can purchase The Chosen, either as E-Book (Digital Format) or Paperback.

People in Russia, Ukraine can use Yandex Money to make payment. (Номер счета: 41001342943029. Or email: Сумма к получению: 110 рублей)

Please note, that this list is extremely long as it has been compiled from an ISBN search on Google, Yandex, Rambler, Yahoo and many other search engines. So take your time and look through this list to see if any of the retailers mentioned are in your region.

To find a retailer not listed on this page, you can also contact your local bookstore and ask them to order you a copy by giving them the 10 or 13 digit ISBN which is:

ISBN: 1934475815
ISBN-13: 9781934475812

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