Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Three – Part One


Alex awoke sometime the next morning, naked and in Tara’s bed. He squinted and looked around the room slowly. Tara was nowhere to be seen, at least, not anywhere he could see from the bed. From his viewpoint, he could see down the hall and a part of the loungeroom, but that was it. He couldn’t hear her either, so he assumed to himself that she had gone out. He looked at the clock-radio and noticed that it was a little after eleven am. For a second he paniced as he thought he had missed work, but then remembered that it was his rostered-day-off. He breathed a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to go to work and he reclined back in bed, thinking – or wondering – just how he ended up in Tara’s bed. He knew that Tara would not have been able to carry him to bed, so that left him wondering just what happened the night before. All he remembered was sitting on the sofa, and after that, nothing. The next memory he had was waking up in her bed.

There was something else, Karen.
“Damn.” He muttered. “If she finds out she’ll kill me!”
He was strangely groggy from the night before, but he managed to drag himself up out of bed and the first thing he did after putting on his underwear was look for his cell phone. He quickly found it. Tara had placed it on the kitchen bench, along with a note. He glanced at his phone and saw that he had 35 text messages.
Damn, He thought, knowing that those messages could have only been from Karen. He dreaded flipping open his phone and reading those messages. He knew that those messages only spelled doom and trouble! He opted to read the note from Tara first before hearing the never-ending texts of threats from Kaz.

Lover, Thank you for a wonderful night. I had the best time. Feel free to help yourself to whatever you want in the fridge.See you later today.Luv,

“Nice” He thought, and held the note up to his nose. “Dior Mystique” He commented, noticing that she had sprayed a little perfume on the note, that particular perfume “Okay.” He sighed heavily, knowing that he now had to face the 35 messages that he knew Karen sent. He dreaded this, but he flipped open his cell phone and started to read the messages one by one. The first dozen or so were easily deletable, with random repeatable questions like “Where are you?” and “I am worried. Call me.” But the last half dozen or so he found disturbing, and normal for her, or as he would say, “Kaz being Kaz.

Apart from her normal threats of “when you get home” crap, he found her messages boring, although one message did claim “I know where you are! You are with that bitch T!! Not to worry ‘loverboy’, I will show you and that skank!!!!!”
“Okay, now I’m worried.” He whispered, knowing that Karen was hardly someone who was rational when she got pissed off, but then again, he dismissed that notion as he figured that Karen was just mouthing off. Still, he had to go home sometime, and he knew that he had to face the music. Which was a pity that he had to go home, as he seemed to have a good time last night. Well, going by the note Tara left him he must have had a good time. It was a damn shame he just couldn’t remember any of it.

He glanced towards to kitchen window. It was sunny outside. Too sunny. He walked over to the window and pulled back the curtain and looked outside. It sure was a sunny day. The sun was high in the sky and very bright. So bright he had to squint and turn his head sideways. Down on the street he could see people running, not just some, but dozens of people. Infact, everyone he saw on the street was running.
“Odd.” He whispered, as he leaned in to the window to get a better look.

“Noises? What the …?”
He slid open the window to listen to what all the commotion was about.
It took him a second to figure out what the noise was about, and it wasn’t the regular noises of everyday life, like traffic and people chattering. It was screams. People were screaming in terror.The sound of a warning siren was blaring on the distance and car alarms were sounding off everywhere.
“What the hell is going on here?” He stepped back and glanced around the room.
Something wasn’t right here. Why were people running scared?
He frowned and scratched his head, then looked back out the window.

Suddenly the noises, the screams, the alarm bells, stopped. Just as strange as it was, there was now no one on the street. No noise, not a damn sound, and no movement. Not even rustling in the trees. It was as though the area had suddenly became deserted.
What the ….?
He shrugged his shoulders, and tried to think nothing of it. But he couldn’t help himself. There was definitely something amiss here, and he looked out the window again. Still no one. Not even a damn dog taking a piss on a tree! He leaned a little further out the window and glanced down the street to see if he could see anyone, someone, even a bird. But no.


He quickly glanced around the kitchen. That noise came from behind him. He peered around slowly, as though he suspected something in the room. Nothing. He saw nothing out of the ordinary.
Earthquake? What the heck?
He stepped into the loungeroom slowly, cautiously. He remembered the events of yesterday, and he was expecting something similar to happen now, but he had no idea what. As scared as he was, he didn’t want to appear scared. Infact, he smiled nervously and stood near the sofa.

Rumbling again, only this time it was right underneath him! He made a run for the door, but it was jammed shut!
“HELL!” He yelled, and ran towards the bedroom. Before he could get down the hall, the bedroom door slammed violently shut, leaving him nowhere to run. He glanced around quickly, and made a dash to the kitchen.


He looked around frantically, while that rumbling surrounded him. He had nowhere to run. All he could do was watch terrified as the walls around him became to crumble and fall apart, and the ceiling started to splinter and flakes of creamy-white paint snowed on the floor. Glasses and cups began to shatter around him and the windows etch and then shatter similtaneuosly. He paniced, not knowing what to do.

Before he had a chance to think anything else, the floor in the kitchen started to creak and tear apart, revealing a torrent of fire far below. He jumped back and glanced around what was left of the kitchen. He momentariuly glanced down into that fire, that damn fire, and he sure as hell didn’t want to get burned alive! He didn’t want to die! He didn’t know what to do!

He glanced at the window frame, and he could see a darkness, that fucking darkness, spreading across the sky! Not again! He glanced at that fire below, and then at the apartment which was falling apart right before his eyes. Doing the only thing he could, he ran and jumped out the window, just as the apartment erupted into flames and exploded.

He fell fast towards the ground, death was imminent.

* * * * * * *

Part Two Coming Up…

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