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P&E Nominations

What a delight it was to have been nominated by readers in the categories for Best Horror and Best Author. It is a wonderful thing to be recognized by some, and it makes this journey all the more enjoyable.

Which brings me to my next post 🙂

These last few days I have been burning the midnight oil, working freelance in marketing again. Okay, not exactly the way it should be, but I am enjoying what I am doing at present. I am working freelance for a few businesses doing telemarketing. (GHASTLY! I hear you say!!!). Yes folks, a dreaded telemarketer. But hey, that is a part of me, and somehow I do this extremely well. If I was to post my CV on here, it would literally read as a “Who’s Who” directory. In my time I have gotten to work with some great companies and some not so great.

This time around I am on contract to 3 companies, 2 in Vancouver and 1 in London. Not bad, the time difference sure has messed me up this week abit, but I will get used to it. Last night I had a 4th offer from a company in Maryland, part of a project for Microsoft. It sounds like a great gig, so I will take that one up to 🙂

Which brings me to my next point (and original thought). Nominations.

Reading my emails this morning, I got an email from a dear friend, who dropped me a little bit of great news to start my day. Apart from the things in her email which I wont share on here, she did say,

“You will not believe who got a nomination for a Site of Excellence. Go check this out.”

Okay, so I open this link and guess what I see.  I see this. Seems someone likes my writing enough to submit me for an award 🙂

As I said above, it is a delight to be nominated for an award. Once again I want to thank everyone who voted for me.

Thank you one and all.


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