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Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Three – Part Three

Chapter Three Continued…

“Wake up sleepy-head.” He heard the faint voice of a woman say. He opened his eyes, and sat upright in bed with a fright. He glanced to his left and saw Tara laying next to him, with her arm draped around his stomach. He threw her arm off and jumped out of bed, and immediately felt to see if his cock and balls were still attached.
They were!

“What’s wrong sweety?” She asked
“I – How did I – ”
“Oh..” She said sleepily, “You don’t remember last night?”
“Last night?” He paniced, “I don’t even know if this is real!”
“Oh poor baby, you had a bad dream again.” She said, “Come back to bed and tell me all about it.”
“No, I – I can’t. I have to go.”
“Go?” … “Go where?”
“Home!” he said in an almost panic as he fumbled to get his clothes on. “Karen is going to kill me!”
Tara sat up and looked at him, puzzled, “What are you talking about? Who’s Karen?”

He stopped long enough to look at her, and he realized that this was another dream. He sighed heavily, and wondered what was going to happen this time.

Tara got out of bed and walked over to him and ran her fingers through his hair with one hand and the other draped over his shoulder. He looked at her and he was afraid. His fear was noticable.
“Baby.” She said, then kissed his lips, “Come to bed.”
He shook his head. He didn’t want to. He wanted, needed, to make sense of this. He needed to know if this was real or if he had finally gone insane.
“I have to go,” He said, removing her hands from him, and walked out of the bedroom, throwing on his shirt as he grabbed his keys and cell phone then walked out of her apartment.
Tara stood and watched him leave, then shrugged her shoulders and went back to bed. She was too tired to go after him.

Alex stood in the hall for a moment and glanced at his cell phone. No messages.
“Odd.” He whispered. “Kaz should have sent a message, many messages.” He flipped open his phone and scrolled through the messages that were on his phone. Strangely enough, there wasn’t any from Karen, not even old messages from her. He checked his contact list, and her name wasn’t there. He glanced back at Tara’s apartment and muttered, “Bitch”, thinking she had deleted Karen’s messages and details from his phone.

He sighed and went to his apartment and tried to turn the doorhandle.
He tried his keys in the lock. They didn’t work.
“Changed the bloody locks again.” He muttered then knocked hard on the door. No answer. “Karen! Open the door! I know you’re in there!”


The distinct sound of the elevator chimed from down the hall. He glanced down the hall and listened as the door grinded open, and the light from the elevator car shone dimly in the dark part of the hall. He watched, and saw no one exit. One second, five seconds, ten seconds passed. Still no one exited the elevator.
He frowned and turned and faced the hall. He watched that elevator, or more to the point, he watched the open doorway, and as though in a trance, he stared.
“What the -?” He finally muttered, and started to step towards the elevator. He stopped momentarily to glance towards Tara’s door, then walked silently down the hall. With each step he took he became more afraid, and his hands began to twitch and his breathing became shallow. He hated this. He really fucking hated this!
When will these bloody games end? He questioned himself.
His answer came swiftly it seemed as he heard something creaking down the far end of the hall.
“What is that?” He questioned out loud.
Before he had a chance to second guess, he heard something like metal break, and a faint whistling. Almost immediately he felt something strike his chest and he was sent flying backwards, pinning him up on the far wall. He glanced down, and a metal rod had pierced his chest, puncturing his heart. Blood spurted out of the wound and seconds later he slumped, dead.

* * * * * * *

Part Four of Chapter Three coming….

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