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About Bloodline of Darkness

Bloodline of Darkness is the second novel by C.A.Milson, and is the continuing saga of the life of Alex, a man chosen to stand against dark forces that seek to harvest the souls of humanity.

Bloodline is set ten years after Alex’s encounter with the supernatural in Winmont, when he stopped the legions of darkness from destroying the small town.

Now, ten years on, Alex has forgotten all he was, and the supernatural forces have found a new way back into the world, lead by one of the chief Fallen One’s, Tanzac.

In this entry I will give you, the reader, an insight into the background of who’s who.


In an age where Mythology and sorcery ruled, the tribe of Mezulbite worshipped a mythical being, Tanzac, and he ruled the land with tyranny. No one knows exactly how Tanzac came to the Mezulbite peoples, as one day he was not, and then he was. That is all history records of this being.

It is believed that Tanzac ‘s origin was one of the Fallen Ones who was cast out of Paradise, and like many other Fallen Angels, he took up flesh and took for himself many slave-girls as wives. His wives spawned sons, each being born without a soul, and hideously deformed. It was quite common for the spawn of Tanzac to be stillborn, and those who survived the birth, were devoured alive so that their spirit could roam the earth. It was common for the wives of Tanzac to be brutally murdered after they had given birth to his hell-spawn, either by himself or by blood-sacrifice.

Tanzac ruled one such tribe, The people of Mezulbite, and they would appease their God by offering sacrifices of babies, young children and virgins. Only the pure blood of these sacrifices would appease the god who walked among the Mezulbites.

But everything was never as it seemed. Tanzac hated humans, and he wanted to see every mortal suffer, just as he suffered for being cast out of Paradise.

There came a time though, when Tanzac’s rule came to an end, when “The Breath” came upon the land and wiped out his hell-spawn. Tanzac’s fury was relentless, and he destroyed all but a small handful of the tribe of Mezul, not without a price.

After Tanzac wiped out Mezul, he was encountered by The Ones who encarcerated him, his followers and the other Fallen Ones in Tartarus. There Tanzac was to remain.

It was recorded by the Elders of The Ancient Ones, that “Just as night becomes day, arise the Dark One shall to reap on the land what had begun millenias ago.”

That day came to light when a group of teenagers invoked an ancient spell, and opened the door for Tanzac to manifest into the world once again.

One of Tanzac’s high generals, Lutancix, was sent to pave the way for Tanzac’s return. It was also fortold by the Elders, “Come a time when the Fallen returns, a new One shall arise, born into the House Of Blood he shall be, to overcome the Oppessor.”

Behold O Fallen One, your stars shine no more when The One has come!”

These prophecys came to fulfillment when Alex destroyed the clearing, and once again Tanzac was encarcerated in the depths of his own realm, Tartarus.

The Elders went on to prophesize, “Times shall pass, and new blood is born. The One shall see the mysteries of the beginning and shall account for all that shall come. Transgressions of the people’s shall be as a multitude as rivers of blood and he shall be no more until the final age.” Yet in another Quatrain they spoke, “In the dark, he shall seek light, and the Fallen shall stand in the judgement seat of the lost and shall come unto his own.”

Prophecies yet to come, which will be unvealed in this book.


In the era of Mezul, the Elders were the High Priests who were self-titled seers. The had the gift of being able to forsee certain times and events of history. Quite often the Elders would fortell of when the harvest would bring plenty, and when dark times would affect the tribes.

They were once held in high regard by the Mezulbites, that was until the their pride got in the way and they became haughty and proud because of their giftings. In their arrogance the Elders lost sight of what things they were meant to foretell which also played a part in the destruction of the Mezulbites.

It was recorded, “Beguiled we had become, our hearts proud. We set our sights above God, and wrath destroyed us all.”

It was no secret that The Elders abilities also became their downfall. Yet, in death, they got redemption and were able to forsee the things that were yet to come.

It was a shame they didn’t see all this before Tanzac wiped them out.

The Elders prophecised many things. In their mass prophecies, they did leave a final chapter, in which they say, “A new Darkness is born into the bloodline. Arise he will and shall become great in the nations of old. Run! Flee! For he is like a beast, devouring the foolish and the proud and the innocent! He gives light but he is darkness! O Dark One, your reign of destruction has come, and the One is nomore!”

Who is this “New Darkness”? Only Bloodline of Darkness will unveal the mysteries.

Journey with Alex as he seeks the truth of who he is.


Alex was born into the bloodline of the Mezulbites. He is one of the last decendants of the ancient race that was all but destroyed. After Tanzac was incarcerated, it was foretold that “One shall arise to stand again the Fallen One.” Alex is that Chosen One. Destined to forfill a purpose that he doesn’t know about, and when he does discover who he is, he would rather forget about it and live a normal life.

A normal life is not what is in store for him, as while he is investigating a different paranormal event in the case of the Jamiesonn Hauntings, he is thrown neck-deep into a world that is governed by illusions, betray and dark sinister beings that like nothing more to do on a sunny day than harvest the souls of the living.

Alex’s journey to become The One is often met with trials and failures and trusting the wrong people. Even at times when his mouth speaks before he thinks, he gets into trouble. So it is unbelievable that this man has been chosen to save a small town from the storms of hell that are soon to be unleashed.

Alex is not alone on his journey. He is accompanied by several other paranormal hunters, including an American guy, Drake, who’s an investigator solely for the fame; A power-psychic, Usher, who’s Alex’s unknown spiritual guide, and Wang, who’s caught up in deception and sells out for his “thirty pieces of silver.”

Joined with his companions, he is to journey into Winmont to face the ancient enemy, Tanzac, and put a temporal end to Tanzac’s rule.

Alex’s quest is never easy, as while he is faced with stopping an ancient force, he is often attacked by another supernatural being, Jamiesonn. Jamiesonn wants the exact same thing as Tanzac. To harvest the world of the souls of every human that exists.

Quite a feat for one who was also born of the bloodline. Yes, for those who have not read The Chosen, Jamiesonn was also a decendant of the Mezulbites. But Jamiesonn was never one of those who were Chosen. Yet, of Jamiesonn it does say, “The Dark One arises from the south, and with him Death camps about his house.” And again, “He, the one Chosen, shall journey into the bowels of the pit to face his adversary and put an end to his linage.”

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