Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Three – Part Five

Chapter Three Continued…

He woke up suddenly, still confused by the dream he just had. It took him a few seconds for his eyes to focus properly and then he realized that this was reality! He was in his own bed, and Karen was sound asleep next to him.
“Great.” He muttered, regretting that the dream he had just had was nothing more than what it was… A dream. He sat up in bed and glanced over at the clock.
7:12AM it read.
Yep. He was home. Karen was softly snoring, and that damn clock ticked so bloody loud that it didn’t need an alarm!
He sighed, disgruntled with how this was, and he wondered why he couldn’t have stayed in the dream. At least in the last dream he was with someone who he desired, unlike the one he was with now.

He glanced over at her and could only wonder, Who is this woman in my bed? He regretted this life, and wondered why he even stayed.

He got up out of bed quietly, so not to wake her, and crept into the bathroom to wash his face. Yes, he more or less trudged into that bathroom. He was tired, and it was obvious why. The sequence of dreams had him at a loss as to what was going on and why. He washed his face and looked at himself in the mirror. Just as he vaguely recalled from every other time he looked in the mirror, nothing had changed, except now he was older. He looked older. He could see a few greys in his hair, which he always had a habit of plucking out. And he now had a defining small scar on his chin. He still had no idea how it got there. His obsessive behavious casued him to wash his face once again with that herbal soap and he rinsed his face with cold water, not once but three times before he looked at himself again.
“Man.” He muttered. “You look terrible.”
“You look fine.” He heard Karen say from behind him.
He turned and looked at her. She looked the same as she always did in the mornings. Tacky creame color cotton nightie and hair looking like a birds nest. Finally this was reality!
“Morning babe.” He said, smiling, and kissed her on the cheek.
“Mornin’ sweety.” She replied, as she kissed him back. He glanced her over, then walked out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen and poured himself a large cup of coffee, then went and sat out on the balcony and prepared to watch the day go by.

He sighed heavily, and realized that everything he had witnessed had been nothing more than a dream, and that made him depressed.


It was yet another Rostered Day Off for him, so he could afford to relax today. He had no intention of doing anything, except maybe perving on Tara, if she happened to be in the courtyeard below. How he hoped she would be there!

He leaned forward in his chair and spied down into the courtyard below, hoping that he would catch a glimpse of Tara, sunbathing by the pool. No such luck. The only person down there was the guy who cleaned the pool, and that was it. Nothing sexy about that guy at all.

He sat back in his chair and looked off to the distance. As he sat there reflecting over the series of dreams which made no sense, he bagn to wonder if this was all that there was to his life. He wanted more than what he had. He wanted to be happy, but he was far from that. He had a comfortable home, but that was not enough.

He knew that there had to be more than this.

There was a time when he had a certain happiness, but those days when he was a child, when he would spend his holidays at his parents cabin was a distant memory, and could never be regained.

He longed for those days again. He closed his eyes and could remember the cabin vividly.

His parents owned a log cabin at a small retreat in the forest, near the Glasshouse Mountains. He could remember that nearly every Summer they would make the long trip up to the cabin to spend a few weeks in “tranquility”. The cabin was isolated enough from prying eyes, which made a good excuse for other vacationers to go skinny-dipping in the nearby river.

Alex could remember the feelings of that place. How the air smelt so crisp and fresh, the sounds of the tropical birds, the noise of other children as they played. All too vivid those memories were, which made him smile.

He chuckled to himself as he could now smell that same crisp pine in the air.

“Ahh. How I have missed that.” He whispered. He opened his eyes and what he saw was not his balcony, but he was there, at the retreat, standing in the midst of the forest. He shook his head and looked around quickly, wondering how and why he was there.

Everything he remembered was there. That smell of morning dew was very strong, and the scent of pine was in the air, just as he had remembered. He could hear tropical birds singing their morning song from around him, as well as the sound of the nearby river, and the morning fog was beginning to settle.

“This is too wierd.” He said as stared around slowly. He was shocked to be in the place from his childhood, but he wasn’t afraid. More curious than anything else.

In the distance he could smell something cooking and he knew exactly what that smell was. It was the smell of pancakes. Not just any pancakes, but the pancakes his mother made.

“Mama.” he said softly, as he started to walk hurriedly in the direction of his parents cabin.

He had no idea what to expect when he would see his mother, and he really didn’t care. He just wanted to see his mom. As he hurried towards the cabin, he was filled with a mix of emotions. It had been many many years since she died, and although there was a part of him that was angry at her for leaving him, he was also anticipating and almost yearning to be held by her again. In his arms he felt safe.

“Alex.” He heard a voice suddenly say from behind him. He stopped and turned around quickly but saw no-one. He glanced slowly around, expecting to see something out of the ordinary but didn’t. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back towards the cabin.

“Don’t do it kid.” He heard that same voice warn sternly. He stopped and glanced around again. Nothing.

“Must be my imagination.” He whispered, “And if it’s my imagination I can do whatever I want.”

“I know what you’re intending to do kid.” It said, this time it’s voice was closer than before.

He froze and stared. Something was there alright. But what?

“Don’t be alarmed,” It said from behind him.

Alex turned to see a person standing infront of him, dressed in a black cloak, his face hidden under the hood.

He was taken aback, but he was not afraid. He just stepped back and sized up this person. “Who are you supposed to be?” He asked, “Some kind of Druid or Sith?”

The apparation ignored his comment. “I know what you’re intending to do kid.” He said once again, “Do you think that by revealing yourself to her that will change anything.”

“Maybe.” Alex said without thinking. “What would you know anyway?”

“You cannot change what is to come Alex.” He said, “She has a destiny to fulfil, just as you do. Telling her events that are yet to unfold will not save her.”

“She’s my mother!” He retorted, as he started to walk off.

The apparation grabbed him firmly by the arm and pushed him to the ground.  “Don’t be an idiot Alex.” It said harshly, “Think about your actions carefully. If you follow this course of action to the end it will not end well for you and those you love will have died for nothing.”

Alex said nothing. He lay there on the ground and stared at the apparation for a moment. “You would do the same thing if you were me.” He said as he quickly scrambled to his feet and ran off.

The apparation didn’t follow. Instead he pulled the hood back to reveal his face. Alex ran and glanced back to see if he was being followed and for a split second he caught a glimpse of the apparation, and in that moment he could have sworn that the apparation was himself.

He stopped and looked back, but the apparation was gone. He stood there and tried to second guess what he saw, but it made no sense. That apparation certainly looked like him, but it couldn’t have.

It made no sense. He looked back in the direction he was going, then glanced back once more before he ran off towards the cabin.

* * * * * * *

What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out as more will follow.

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