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FMAM Review

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Review by Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D., MHt

The Chosen
C.A. Milson
Amira Press
July 2008
$12.99, 204 pages
ISBN: 13-978-1934475815

Alex’s anxiety kept him from enjoying the seminar. But was it just anxiety or the three visions? By the third vision (which were all the same), Alex knew something was brewing, something terrible, something evil. The seminar, conducted by three gentlemen discussed entities and violence. When Alex looked at the one he felt most looked Native American, he grew icy cold. It unnerved him. Alex began to feel a presence stronger and stronger, yet as he scanned the crowd, no one else seemed to feel or sense it.

Drake one of the lecturers had told the attendees of the evil doings of Jamiesonn and his brush with the entity. But Alex saw it in a vision. He also saw the entity in the bar after the seminar. Why did it let Drake live? Why was it haunting Alex? What did it want? D

Drake gave Alex the report on Jamiesonn which led to more questions. Who is the One, Jamiesonn refers to?

Then in the city of Winmont the ritualistic killings begin. THE CHOSEN is a book about good and evil and friendships and betrayals. It is a supernatural jaunt through trust, learning, and growth. But things are not as they seem…to finad out why, read THE CHOSEN. CA Milson has crafted a story that bridges both the mysterious and the horror in a supernatural thriller.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 4.8.

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