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The Chosen – Book Trailer

Some days ago I had a chat with my good friend, Brian from The New Author, who gave me some suggestions about a Book Trailer, which would tie in nicely with the “Greatest Urban Legends” project I am soon to launch on You Tube.

Now I am not a professional movie maker, and infact I have never used a MovieMaker in my life, but this seemed like a fun idea, so after taking Brian’s advice, I got myself somewhat knowledgable about how to make a short clip, and away I went.

With the help of Windows Movie Maker I decided to make several versions of a book trailer of The Chosen.

The first video has the backgroud of the song, Black Fingernails Red Wine by Eskimo Joe. I have always thought that this is a fitting song for The Chosen, and ever since I heard it on You Tube, I have imagined this song being the theme for the book if it ever gets to be a movie.

The second version is the Eerie version which I put together late yesterday. It is shorter than the first one, but the sound is haunting. Have a listen and see which one you all like better.

Brian suggested that I add some images, so this piece is what I put together last night.

My YouTube Project will be going live in Summer.

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Theme For The Chosen

Since I first saw this video, I knew that this song would be the great closing sequence for The Chosen if it ever gets to be produced into a movie.

The song is called Black Fingernails, Red Wine – by Eskimo Joe.

Check it out and leave feedback.

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