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Book ‘N’ Trailer Reviews

From Morag Stiles on Authonomy.com – (Review About The Novel)

You know your stuff. You have your finger on the occult/religious/supernatural pulse. I recognise many of your references. Aaah the path less traveled… The first chapter is a bit long, but you and Erik Kripke will get on like a house on fire. (Erik Kripke writes Supernatural).

I respect writers that do their homework and write convincingly. Yes the sweat and fear, first experienced as a child in the dark … that fear you cannot rationalise, the fear for your life, without being able to pinpoint the danger….

You’ve conveyed that exceptionally well.

I’m backing your book. If you’re interested take a look at Release Me of Save Me ……..it contains the same elements in a different way.



Stephen Parker – (About The Chosen Trailer V3)

Darkly compelling, artistically GORGEOUS! The music blends perfectly to lure the reader into the appropriate ravine of horror! Exquisite job!


James Brennan – (Sydney Aust) (About The Chosen Trailer V2)

Music sounded like it was from Silent Hill Horror… nice choice… and the blurbs are faster keeping your attention running…. much better mate… very cool


More to come ….

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