A Trip To The Store…..

Can be extremely entertaining, especially in Samara, so it seems…

On my nightly walk tonight, we happened to stop in at the Pjatyorochkah Store on Young Pioneers Blvd to get some needed supplies. (For me this means milk, cereal and other snack-attack items after a day of writing).

Now, when we was nearing the check-out, 3 drunken would-be thieves tried to take it upon themselves to escape like thieves in the night with some five-finger discount supplies of their own. Obviously intelligence is not one of their strong points as I will tell…

Before anyone really knew what happened, two of the guys got away with a dried fish, while their comrade in crime got caught while trying to escape with ten bottles of beer in his jacket. (Must have been a thirsty lad)…

(For those who dont know; In Russia it is quite popular to eat dried fish while getting hammered)…

Of course, Mr Big Time Crime-Boss-Wanna-Be didn’t get too far as he was stopped at the check-out by the store manager who happens to be quite a burly woman 🙂 She did not hesitate in locking the front door, preventing the would be Capone from making off with the goods. Of course, that also meant that we were also stuck there, to get a full account of yet another episode of “When Idiots Get Drunk“.

Now I’m not exactly sure what this guy was thinking. Maybe he thought Prohibition was coming back and wanted to get in some serious drinking. But then again, I dont think he thought much at all. Not since his “Gang” managed to flee the scene with 1 dried fish. (Come on guys. If you’re gonna steal, make it more worthwhile than a piece of fish!!!)

Now the absolute hilarity of this is not only was Capone caught in the act, but his buddies (who must have been part siamese, as it took two of them to lift a piece of fish), fled the scene, leaving Capone to take the fall.

Of course, I was an ear-full of True Russian Swearing, in all its beautiful vulgarity, and then some. Among the many extremely colorful metaphors that Burly Store Manager yelled for the entire block to hear, she did let these pearls fly out, “I’m tired of you thieves!” and not to forget the famous last words, “You’re finished!” And what was Capone’s response? “It’s my birthday today and I want to write a complaint!”

Unfortunately I didnt get to see much more as Burly Store woman unlocked the door to let us out, locking the door behind us, while Capone continued to protest….

And who said that life is boring….  It’s moments like that when I wish I had the camcorder with me 🙂

Yet another episode of “When Idiots Get Drunk“….


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  1. проба пера


  2. Очень интересно. Но думаю что чего-то не хватает. Может быть, стоит добавить картинок или фото?


  3. This is great stuff. Sometimes life gives you things that imagination can’t even come up with. This was a good laugh.


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