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The Chosen 2nd Edition – Chapter 5 Preview

Here it is. An except some have been waiting for. This excerpt is from Chapter Five of my upcoming re-release of The Chosen.

Just a warning: Parts of The Chosen have been rewritten to reflect the extent and nature of some of the characters, and this one character in particular is what I would call the forefront of being evil.

Not for the squeamish or offended by graphic horror:


Chapter Five

Jamiesonn’s plans had not gone as he had anticipated. He fully expected Alex to show up rather than hightail it to some remote town in the middle of nowhere.

What he got though was two teens looking for a secluded place to have sex turned up instead. He knew why they were there. His sanctuary was to be defiled by their raging hormones. But for now, he lurked in the shadows and watched them, waiting for the opportune time to strike.

The young couples were no older than seventeen. While Cathy had long flowing red hair and big supple breasts, her boyfriend, Thomas, was average built and average looking. He was hardly the popular teen in school, but Cathy was his first girlfriend, which he was thankful for.

Thomas had waited for this moment for a long time. Today, finally, he would experience sex for the first time. In his anticipation he hoped that he wouldn’t cum so fast.

The young couple found a room that had little light and they began to kiss and undress one another. Thomas’ manhood ached as Cathy grabbed it in her soft hand. He moaned with pleasure. He had imagined how she would feel. The scent of her body drove him wild.

He kissed her neck and started to kiss down to her breasts as she gently stroked his hard cock.

Thomas positioned himself on top on her and prepared to slide his aching manhood inside her waiting vagina.

Finally. This is it. He thought

Jamiesonn wasn’t going to let them get away with defiling his sanctuary. This sight of their wanton passion infuriated him. But, he bided his time, waiting for the right moment to destroy their momentary pleasure.

He could remember a time when he once had that oneness with a woman. He vaguely remembered the feeling of holding a woman in his arms, and the feeling of being one with someone. But, those things were gone. Faded, like as his mortality ended, so did his compassion. With that faded memory well behind him, he opened his eyes and glared at them. Rage coursed through him and he loathed this abomination in his kingdom!

Before Thomas had the chance to enter Cathy, an invisible force pulled him off her and threw him against the wall. Cathy sat upright and watched in terror as imprints of fists began to beat Thomas repeatedly in the stomach, chest and face.
Thomas begged for the force to stop, but it didn’t. It continued its violent attack. Cathy tried to flee, but she couldn’t. Before she had a chance to even stand she was sent flying back against the opposite wall and bound by an unseen power and forced to watch the brutal attack.

“Please stop! Stop!” Cathy cried and pleaded over and over.

Jamiesonn took no heed to her pleas. He ignored her and continued to beat Thomas violently, punching him hard in the stomach and in the face.

Cathy cried and watched helplessly as the blows become more brutal.

Thomas was thrown effortlessly against the far wall, and then thrown face first into the other wall. The sound of bones breaking echoed in the room, and blood could be seen spurting from his mouth.

Jamiesonn turned Thomas around and threw his back against the wall.

SNAP! Thomas’s ribs were broken. But Jamiesonn didn’t stop. He continued his horrific attack, punching Thomas repeatedly in the face. With one swift blow, Thomas’ jaw was smashed and his jawbone was exposed through his flesh.

Jamiesonn paused for just a second to look at his work, and seeing the exposed bone, he grabbed it and with a one quick jerk he ripped Thomas’ broken jaw off his face.

Blood! Blood spurted and flowed everywhere. Jamiesonn stopped for a moment and looked back at Cathy who was crying frantically, terrified.

Jamiesonn smirked then looked back at Thomas.

“What do you want” Cathy managed to choke out

Jamiesonn released Thomas who slumped on the floor, bloodied, beaten and mutilated. He was alive, but barely.

“It seems that no one will heed my warnings,” Jamiesonn finally said as he manifested in front of her.

“Who are you?” She managed to squeeze out throw her tears.

“The one who will feast on your soul,” Jamiesonn replied.

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