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Author Announces Reader Special

In celebration of C.A.Milson’s 40th birthday, he is giving readers the opportunity to purchase a autographed E-Book direct from his website.

In celebration of C.A. Milson’s 40th birthday, he has announced that for the month of July, he is giving readers the opportunity to purchase an autographed E-Book copy of his new novel, The Chosen ~ Rise Of The Darkness.

Rise of the Darkness is the extended version of C. A. Milson’s first novel, The Chosen.

Synopsis: From the time that the Darkness ruled the ancient tribes, The Elders prophesied of a time when a descendant of The Gods would arise. Tonight, in the town of Winmont, an Ancient Legion has been awoken to finish what they started many millennia ago. Now, the fate of humanity is in the hands of One, but can he overcome the forces that dare to challenge the bloodline of the Gods?

Alex Manning is The One. Born of a heritage that was once a powerful civilization before it was destroyed by the Giants that once walked among men. Now tonight, in a small town, after thousands of years of being bound in the Dark Realm, the Ancient Darkness has been unleashed, and they set about to finish what was begun. Only Alex can stop the Dark Forces from destroying this town, but will he fulfil his own tests and sacrifice his life for those would seek to betray him?

The Chosen has been enthusiastically received by readers of Goth, Horror and the Supernatural.

The E-Book download of Rise Of The Darkness normally retails for $5.00USD, but for the month of July, readers can purchase the authographed E-Book for $3.00USD.

“As part of my celebration, I want to give readers a taste of what is to come with future books”. Milson said.

Milson’s new novel, Bloodline Of Darkness is due for release in August 2009.

Bloodline of Darkness is set ten years after his encounter in Winmont, Alex has forsaken his calling to live a life less than ordinary. All that he was and knew is now nothing more than a faded dream. But Darkness has a way of remembering, and the Ancient Legion has found a way back into the world. In the days that surround Alex’s trauma, a portal is opened, and the events that occured in Winmont have been changed. Now, the world he knows is in choas, and the Darkness and Hellfire has ruled the earth for the last ten years. Only by witnessing the past can he change the events of the present and save us all, but will he regain his giftings before the darkness consumes the world?

In an ancient world, a darkness was unearthed. 5,000 years ago, that Darkness walked among men and they were heralded as Gods, and for a season, prosperity was given to the Northern Tribes, until Legion appeared among them and destroyed all but a handful of the Anicent Ones. Today, a hero must take his place amongst his forefathers and rectify the events that changed the world he knows. But will he overcome the darkness that rules his own heart?

For orders or enquiries, you can contact C.A.Milson at:


Book Review by Grammar Chic

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness.

C.A. Milson.

Australia:  May 2009
304 pp.

Review by Amanda E. Clark, Editor-in-Chief, Grammar Chic, Inc.

Author C.A. Milson explores the line between good and evil in the new, thrilling page turner, The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness and introduces the reader into a terrifying world that will have you guessing until the very end. In his latest piece of work, Milson tells the story of Alex Manning, a man who finds himself entertaining a strange fascination with a powerful demon by the name of Jamiesonn and the town that will fall victim to the peril of this devil if someone doesn’t intervene. What Alex doesn’t know is that his draw to investigate this evil source of power is because he is being called by his destiny to stop the takeover of the world by warring factions of the underworld.

The story begins by introducing us to Alex as he is on his way to a supernatural society meeting where he is instantly intrigued by the story of the evil demon Jamiesonn. Approaching researcher Drake Winters, he asks to be involved in banishing the demon from the Earth. What Alex doesn’t understand is his involvement a siren song to his destiny as opposed to following a personal death wish. Alex learns of “The One,” a man foretold by the ancients who will walk the Earth and banish evil forces into hell to protect mankind. Unfortunately, the war that is brewing does not only involve Jamiesonn, but other evil beings that are locked into a power play against each other and against humanity. What Alex must decide is how to get rid of these competing beacons of evil before they find a way to get rid of him.

This is a wickedly entertaining read that starts with action from the first page and leaves you breathless until the very end. The fate of the future of humanity lies in Alex’s hands and Milson does an incredible job of developing characters and setting the stage. The book transitions from back and forth between various storylines, but does so in such a smooth manner that the reader is curious about all the angles of all the characters, regardless of good or evil.

Readers who enjoy Stephen King and Dean Koontz will appreciate the voice that Milson invokes in his tale. A delicious combination of fantasy and horror, The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is at times full of blood and gore but also has the attributes of the spiritual and ultimately epic quest of a hero who is destined to become who he is meant to be. The classic struggle of the main character evokes the spirit of Tolkien and Katherine Kurtz as Alex Manning pursues his quest to become The One and save humanity from its destruction at the hands of villainous forces. Milson is an excellent study in not giving his main character an easy out or an abundance of accessible choices at his fingertips. The reader constantly wonders if inevitably Alex is going to be forced to make a deal with one of the forces of darkness that would be the lesser of two evils. On top of dealing with forces bigger than Heaven and Hell, Alex has to deal with treachery amongst his own. The book has the reader constantly looking over their shoulder, not sure who to trust.

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is a thrill ride from start to finish. Author C.A. Milson is a colorful writer with much imagination. Milson has done a great job of creating himself as a certifiable expert in the horror and fantasy genre. He speaks with the same tantalizing words that authors like King and Michael McDowell utilize, leaving a reader sitting on the edge of their seat or hiding under their covers. Milson is a fabulous example of what horror writing should be through his creative use of light versus dark, good versus evil and in the end will leave you guessing who is going to win. While some scenes are violent and bloody, there is balance through character development and the use of flashback in each of the individual stories to give the characters identity and personality.

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is the third book out in print by C.A. Milson. He is the author of other books in The Chosen series as well as the author of 26 short stories. Milson is fan of H.P. Lovecraft and found himself a home in the horror genre as a writer in 1989. Milson was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has resided in the United States and New Zealand. He currently calls Russia his home as he creates and prepares his next novel.

Amanda Clark (Grammar Chic)

Mummified man found in Tula Russia

This is an article I found on the web earlier today. In the leadup to my Russian Urban legends, I bring you the first story in this series.

Mummy-Man In Russia!

Dwellers of an apartment building in the city of Tula, central Russia, were horrified to learn of a discovery made in one of the apartments. The mummified body of a tenant was found in a sitting position in the kitchen of his apartment. The tenant had been dead for six years.

One hazy morning a telephone started ringing in an office of Mark Ignashin, an investigator with the prosecutor’s office of Tula’s central district. “This is a duty officer of a district police station. We’ve received a report on a mummified body found in apartment building No 142 on Lenin Street. We’re sending a vehicle to pick you up, Mr. Ignashin,” said the officer and hung up.

No sooner had Ignashin stepped into a typical Khrushchev-era tiny apartment than he became aware of a pungent putrid smell. A mummified body in a plaid shirt was seated at a kitchen table. The brownish parchment-like skin covered the mummy’s dried-up bones. An empty vodka bottle and a glass sat on a dusty table. One of the policemen brought a bunch of newspapers from a living room. All the newspapers dated back to February of 2000.

Valentina Muradova was brought in as a witness to the official search. The woman peered at the mummy for some minutes until she finally recognized her neighbor called Vladimir Ledenev, 68, who vanished without a trace six years ago. According to police records, Ledevev had earlier spent four years in prison for battery. His neighbors told the police that the man had started drinking heavily after his mother passed away ten years ago. Ledenev was frequently seen collecting empty bottles for a living because his pension was pretty small. Eventually, Ledenev disappeared at the beginning of 2000.

“We reckoned that he’d moved somewhere else or checked himself into a hospital, he had TB,” said Irina Borodina, one of the neighbors. “Then we thought he’d ended up in prison again though our local policeman knew nothing about Ledenev’s new brushes with the law,” added the neighbor.

“A man just vanished from your house. Has anybody felt anything strange and tried to raise the alarm?” Ivanshin asked the neighbors.

“He was a standoffish kind of man, he rarely talked to us. He kept away from the neighbors most of the time. He was always short on money. People from a real estate agency tried to talk him into swapping his two-room apartment for a smaller place, promising him a handsome bonus for the deal. He just told them to get lost,” said Borodina.

The neighbors told the investigator that quite a few people tried to contact Ledenev for several months following his disappearance. Workers from a housing management office would knock at his door in an attempt to hand over utilities bills; a postman would do the same on the day when pensions were delivered. Ledenev’s son and nephew also tried to see him but to no avail. Then the whole world seemed to forget about Ledenev though he owed several thousand rubles in unpaid bills to a housing management office. It was obvious that the door of Ledenev’s apartment had been locked from the inside at a deadbolt and chain. For some strange reasons, nobody grew suspicious about the circumstance. All those years the lights and a fridge were on in the apartment.

“One of our neighbors, an obese man, died a sudden death a few years ago. Two days later people could feel the smell and soon found out what happened. However, in this case we didn’t smell anything. Maybe there was no smell because he died in winter; the temperatures were very low at the time. Besides, the guy was very thin, he looked like a mummy while still alive.

And you can imagine what kind of smell was usually hanging about that place. Ledenev was an alcoholic, by and large,” said Borodina.

The grisly discovery was made by workers of a housing management office as they were making their rounds in the apartments of those who owed large sums in unpaid utilities bills. According to a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, the death of Vladimir Ledenev did not entail any investigation since the police found no evidence indicating that the victim had died a violent death. Likewise, sanitation authorities refused to carry out decontamination of the apartment despite a request filed by a local police station. You have no problem after getting rid of a man who causes this problem, as Josef Stalin used to say.


The mummy was found in the sitting position

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