Book Review by Grammar Chic

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness.

C.A. Milson.

Australia:  May 2009
304 pp.

Review by Amanda E. Clark, Editor-in-Chief, Grammar Chic, Inc.

Author C.A. Milson explores the line between good and evil in the new, thrilling page turner, The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness and introduces the reader into a terrifying world that will have you guessing until the very end. In his latest piece of work, Milson tells the story of Alex Manning, a man who finds himself entertaining a strange fascination with a powerful demon by the name of Jamiesonn and the town that will fall victim to the peril of this devil if someone doesn’t intervene. What Alex doesn’t know is that his draw to investigate this evil source of power is because he is being called by his destiny to stop the takeover of the world by warring factions of the underworld.

The story begins by introducing us to Alex as he is on his way to a supernatural society meeting where he is instantly intrigued by the story of the evil demon Jamiesonn. Approaching researcher Drake Winters, he asks to be involved in banishing the demon from the Earth. What Alex doesn’t understand is his involvement a siren song to his destiny as opposed to following a personal death wish. Alex learns of “The One,” a man foretold by the ancients who will walk the Earth and banish evil forces into hell to protect mankind. Unfortunately, the war that is brewing does not only involve Jamiesonn, but other evil beings that are locked into a power play against each other and against humanity. What Alex must decide is how to get rid of these competing beacons of evil before they find a way to get rid of him.

This is a wickedly entertaining read that starts with action from the first page and leaves you breathless until the very end. The fate of the future of humanity lies in Alex’s hands and Milson does an incredible job of developing characters and setting the stage. The book transitions from back and forth between various storylines, but does so in such a smooth manner that the reader is curious about all the angles of all the characters, regardless of good or evil.

Readers who enjoy Stephen King and Dean Koontz will appreciate the voice that Milson invokes in his tale. A delicious combination of fantasy and horror, The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is at times full of blood and gore but also has the attributes of the spiritual and ultimately epic quest of a hero who is destined to become who he is meant to be. The classic struggle of the main character evokes the spirit of Tolkien and Katherine Kurtz as Alex Manning pursues his quest to become The One and save humanity from its destruction at the hands of villainous forces. Milson is an excellent study in not giving his main character an easy out or an abundance of accessible choices at his fingertips. The reader constantly wonders if inevitably Alex is going to be forced to make a deal with one of the forces of darkness that would be the lesser of two evils. On top of dealing with forces bigger than Heaven and Hell, Alex has to deal with treachery amongst his own. The book has the reader constantly looking over their shoulder, not sure who to trust.

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is a thrill ride from start to finish. Author C.A. Milson is a colorful writer with much imagination. Milson has done a great job of creating himself as a certifiable expert in the horror and fantasy genre. He speaks with the same tantalizing words that authors like King and Michael McDowell utilize, leaving a reader sitting on the edge of their seat or hiding under their covers. Milson is a fabulous example of what horror writing should be through his creative use of light versus dark, good versus evil and in the end will leave you guessing who is going to win. While some scenes are violent and bloody, there is balance through character development and the use of flashback in each of the individual stories to give the characters identity and personality.

The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness is the third book out in print by C.A. Milson. He is the author of other books in The Chosen series as well as the author of 26 short stories. Milson is fan of H.P. Lovecraft and found himself a home in the horror genre as a writer in 1989. Milson was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has resided in the United States and New Zealand. He currently calls Russia his home as he creates and prepares his next novel.

Amanda Clark (Grammar Chic)

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