Astroboy – Movie Review

Astroboy – I can remember watching this show almost religiously each week as Astroboy fought to defend humans from evil robots, such as his nemesis Atlas.

So you can imagine after all the hype of the new movie that I was a little more than curious to see this. After all, this is Astroboy, and if they did the same as they did with Speed Racer and Transformers, I had expectations that this movie would be just as good.

What we think may not always be the case.. Especially when it comes to remaking of a classic. For fans of the comics and the TV show, you are going to be very disappointed.

Directed by David Bowers, it is easy to see just why this movie does not quite cut it. The movie in itself was good in terms of animation, but to say that this film is outstanding would not do justice to the creator Osamui Tezuka.

The film left out a  lot of the original storyline. Gone is the death of Dr Tenma’s son in an auto accident. Gone is the entire issue of Astro’s abandonment by his father who sends him off to a circus where he’s found and raised as a “normal” boy. Gone is Tokyo of the future. Gone is the notion of robots looking like people and the integration into society. Gone is the nemesis of Astro. There is a lot more things wrong with this, but I wont go on. Basically, this classic has been flushed down the sewer by American Studios, and that is putting it bluntly.

The villain of this trash was President Stone, played by Donald Sutherland. WTF?? Where was Atlas? Pook? Inspector Tawashi?

There were some scenes that proved favorable, and it will entertain the new generation of Astro fans, but that is about it.

Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist named Tenma (Nicolas Cage). Powered by positive “blue” energy, Astro Boy (Freddie Highmore) is endowed with super strength, x-ray vision, unbelievable speed and the ability to fly.

Embarking on a journey in search of acceptance, Astro Boy encounters many other colorful characters along the way. Through his adventures, he learns the joys and emotions of being human, and gains the strength to embrace his destiny. Ultimately learning his friends and family are in danger, Astro Boy marshals his awesome super powers and returns to Metro City in a valiant effort to save everything he cares about and to understand what it takes to be a hero

This movie will appeal to the new generation of Astro followers, but for those who remember the original series, this movie is as impressive as watching grass grow.

To quote Bart Simpson, it “sucks and blows”.

God forbid if Hollywood does a 3D animation of Gigantor, or worse yet, a remake of Saiyûki (Monkey)!

For fans of the show, wait til this goes to weekly rental at your local video store.


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