Hydra – Movie Review

Hydra – When you thing of the word Hydra, especially when it is the name of a film, one can be forgiven if the title gives off a representation that it will be a good flick.

Sadly, this is yet another waste of time that I endured 90 minutes of my life that I will never ever get back unless I can Neuralize my mind and delete the BS of this film.

Directed by Andrew Prendergast, and written by Peter Sullivan, this movie is your typical “bad guys want to off everyone they can for a fee“.

This film has your typical stereotyped characters: The good guys, the hero who thinks he’s as macho as G.I.Joethe wanna-be bad-ass hunters, the really nasty guy, the wealthy prick financing the expedition and not the forget the airhead blonde bimbo who can think of nothing better to do with her 15 minutes of forgettable fame than show off her (laughable) assets to all the impotent or homosexual males on the ship 🙂


Add to that a 7 headed oversized CGI snake, some Greek mythology, and a sword of Hercules (That oddly enough looks like the Sword of He-Man) and you have the film Hydra.


I would go on, but what else can I say? The acting was lame, the effects were lamer, and the whole storyline sucks & Blows. I’ve seen better acting in a porn movie  🙂



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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.


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