Legend of the Bog – Movie Review

Legend of the Bog – The title in itself should say everything. This movie is a comic horror feature, written & directed by Brendan Foley, and starring Vinnie Jones and the ever lovely Nora-Jane Noone.


While the film had some great scenery of the Irish countryside, that was, in all honesty, the best part of the movie. The rest left me wondering what the heck I would be in for next.

The characters are mostly obnoxious and one-dimensional. We’ve got the American property developer (played by Shelly Goldstein) who was a complete moron and let fly with the most lame wisecracks I have seen since The Undead, and her driver; The pretty American and her gal-pal; the egghead archaeologist and college student; Then last we have the hunter, a character who’s motives are pretty much a mystery, a one-dimensional character played by Vinnie Jones. They all get stranded through various mishaps in Jones’ hunting shack near the bog.

While the scene of Nora-Jane going to have a shower showed some promise of a thrilling scene of perhaps a Zombie breaking the window or even the archeologist joining her, but sadly there was no romance on the screen and no zombies breaking anything.


While the film was okay, if that is how Zombies act in Ireland, then they wouldn’t scare me out of a daydream 🙂

If you like watching one-dimensional characters and enjoy the Irish countryside, then by all means, watch this film. Otherwise, save the 99 cents.



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