The Crypt – Movie Review

The Crypt (2009) – Some things are better left buried…. especially this movie.

What happens when a guy and five girls decide to break into hidden catacombs underneath their town to steal a ton of jewelry left from the “Great Depression”? Chaos naturally!

Written & Directed by Craig McMahon, this film stars Mike Ranallo, Sarah Oh, and a cast of relatively unheard of actresses.

This movie proves that even in death, the dead like to hold onto whatever possessions they have, and anyone caught trying to steal their fortune are in for a hellova time.

The movie is packed with a lot of cleavage, girls in short-shorts crawling through crypt corridors, and even a brief topless scene with Sarah Oh.  Sadly this is a movie that did not deliver the goods.

In the opening scene, we see a would-be-wanna-be grave robber being trapped in one of the tombs, then sometime later when our six mastermind criminals (not) go into the same tomb, there is no sign of the body, nor his limbs that were severed.

Another big hole in this was the scene where 3 of our girls are stealing a car, and in the backseat is the brother of one of the air-heads. We see that the boy is shot in the head by the owner of the car, then the next scene we see the girls discussing with Gina the details of their heist. Hang on though. What about the brother?? He was just shot in the head and now the girls are standing around discussing grave-robbing?


If you like your films with characters who look like they should be in a porn movie and lacking on real dialogue, then by all means watch this one. Don’t expect to have any nightmares after watching The Crypt, unless perhaps you’re claustrophobic.



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