Polar Storm – Movie Review

Polar Storm – Written by Jason Bourque & Paul Ziller. Directed by Paul Ziller. Stars Jack Coleman.

Tagline: The earth is going to explode. Quick, call Noah Bennett!

Here is another example of a movie that went straight to video, and there is a good reason why.

The line-up in this movie is laughable at best, with the exception of Jack Coleman (Noah BennettHeroes). The plot is simple: A comet going to hit Earth and one team has a chance to stop the destruction of Earth’s magnetic field.

Now if you are thinking movies such as Armageddon, Deep Impact and The Core, you are right. This movie is quite the take on all three of these movies, which the BIG difference being that is is obviously very low budget, with poor CGI effects and even worse acting. The movie centers around the main character and his family – Dr. James Mayfield (Coleman), his wife Cynthia (Holly Dignard), and their son Shane (Tyler Johnson) – and their quest to save the Earth from certain doom.

As I said, the acting is laughable at best, especially with Tyler Johnson who looks like he recently graduated from the Tom Cruise Academy of Tom Cruise Wanna-be’s. (Seriously, his gestures, talking, are almost identical to Cruise).

For those who actually wish to subject themselves to this movie, I will point out a few less noticeably errors (without revealing spoilers):
  1. The telescope is an inexpensive Newtonian type telescope. Since the model shown is clearly mounted on an inexpensive German Equatorial mount, it certainly has a value of no more than $400.00; not the $4000.00 as suggested
  2. In Alaska, a laptop’s LCD screen is shown acting as if it were a CRT monitor. LCD screens do not display a wave effect in the presence of an EMF field.
  3. As a large comet fragment enters the atmosphere overhead, it will create massive amounts of heat and an enormous shock wave which will wipe out everything over a large area. No impact required! That covers about 1% of the problems in the first 1/2 hour of the video.
  4. Once again, a car will still out-run an earthquake.
  5. Russians, when agreeing with someone will always say No, rather than the correct word DA.

Save yourself from this disaster of a movie and watch Jack Coleman in Heroes instead.


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