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Preditors & Editors Poll Results 2009

It is my pleasure to announce that the P&E Results are released.

While there were some great entries, I must congratulate the other talented writers for putting in a really great effort this year. There was certainly a lot of wonderful talent in this poll.

This year I was honored to get 5th place in two categories in the P&E Poll.

These were:

  • Best Author 2009 – C.A. Milson. 5th place.
  • Best Horror Novel 2009 – Rise Of The Darkness – 5th place.

Thank you everyone who voted.

Winners of the E-books and paperback will published soon, and annouced on this website as well as in the Dark Realm Newsletter.

If you do not have a copy, subscribe by Email:


Quantum Apocalypse – Movie Review

Quantum Apocalypse – Directed by Justin Jones. Written by Leigh Scott.

Starring: Rhett Giles, Stephanie Jacobsen, Gigi Edgley, Kristen Quintrall.

Tagline: SyFy still releases bad movies.

The idea for this doozy of a disaster movie is simple. A vortex is headed towards Earth and NASA has 39 hours to save the world… again.

While the movie was worth watching to see eye-candy such as Gigi Edgley and Kristen Jacobsen, that was about as far as my interest got in this low budget flick.

There are too many mistakes throughout the movie that brings down the movie’s overall rating. For some reason, Trish’s (Gigi Edgley) clothing keep changing throughout the movie. Lynne (Stephanie Jacobsen) gives her stepson a handgun, and she is a police officer – right, good logical thinking there.
The effects were below average. I especially loved the part where the vortex starts ripping the house apart, and one wooden pillar becomes twisted in it shape like it was made of rubber. Wood usually splinters?
The best part about the movie would have to be the acting of Rhett Giles which is actually quite nice in this horrendous movie.

Daybreakers – Movie Review

Daybreakers – Written & Directed by the Spierig Brothers.

Stars: Sam Neil, Ethan Hawke,  William DaFoe & Claudia Karvan.

Plot: In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed much of the world’s population into vampires. Edward is employed by Bromley Marks, a pharmaceutical company that is the chief supplier of blood for the American population, which is operated by Charles Bromley. As the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human for their blood, or find a blood substitute before time runs out.
When deprived of blood for extended periods of time, vampires lose their human-like characteristics and begin to transform into winged bat-like monsters those of which have diminished mental capacity and no ability to speak are driven strictly by their impulse to feed. However, a covert group of humans makes a remarkable discovery, one which has the power to save the human race. Audrey, the human’s leader, brings Edward in on the secret: there is a cure to vampirism.
It has been a long hiatus since a film came out by the Spierig Brothers, and now one can see why that their new film was well worth the wait. Brilliant performances all round by Ethan Hawkes, Sam Neil, Claudia Karvan & William DaFoe.
Daybreakers was a great movie. It had a good concept, and some intense moments, especially one scene where Charles Bromleys’ daughter gets turned into a bat-monster and she is dragged out into the daylight where she explodes.
Lots of gore, blood and thrills to feed the frenzy of any horror lover. Well done.

Review of Rise Of The Darkness by The Written Universe

Courtesy of The Written Universe. The original post can be found here.

The Chosen – Rise of the Darkness
CA Milson

Available through Amazon in hardcover or paperback.

In a nutshell: if you like stories where battles are waged between man and forces of the darker regions, then this book is for you.

CA Milson has crafted a well-paced story of man versus demonic forces, both intent on winning the day.

Our main characters are all paranormalists of some stripe, some really into the game and others with motives less than pure.

It all starts when Alex attends a seminar where fellow paranormal investigators are going to speak. We are introduced to Usher, a Cherokee Indian who has a gift for sensing the supernatural and Drake Winters, the All-American Boy who has taken to paranormal research.
Another personality in the paranormal world is discussed in the seminar, one Jamiesonn, who back in the 1700s established a cult and literally indulged in human sacrifice and all manner of atrocities until local townspeople where he lived put him to death in a variety of ways – yes, you read that right, ways…he pulled a Rasputin and just wouldn’t die and ended up literally disappearing before the crowds eyes…dead or not? You decide.
During the discussion at the seminar, it is posited that Jamiesonn survived and is merely biding his time to come back and take up his evil ways.
Drake declares he will be the one to send Jamiesonn to another plane of existence, but Alex doesn’t believe he can.

Drake and Alex form an uneasy alliance, neither one really trusting the other, and set out to find Jamiesonn and stop him. Before they can, an apparition appears and warns them off – and then the fun starts.

Demonic forces begin to run rampant…visions are seen and heard, death prevails, people are taken over by demons…blood runs.
Yet there is another force at work here in the form of a scroll that was found in some Mayan ruins which tells of the destruction of the greatest civilizations in history. The scroll contains the name of The One who will end the strife and preserve mankind.

It is from this point that Milson takes us on a frenetic ride of demons running amuck, forces of good opposing forces of evil, and Alex’s journey into the midst of this maelstrom.

Ultimately this is a story of good versus evil, playing out their epic battles in the midst of mankind who is usually woefully inept at handling a crisis like this.
Milson pens a story revealing how we as humans are sometimes asked to do some things we don’t think we can do to go towards the greater good.

My only complaint is there were a few set pieces in the book where I would have liked to see more detail. Don’t get me wrong, you get enough to know what’s happening, but I could see some places where Milson could have stood to add a little meat to his stew.

Milson says Stephen King is an inspiration and I have to admit there were times when I did notice the writing did bring to mind the style of a younger SK.

Take note – the story will continue in Bloodline of Darkness.
For more information on the sequel visit:
For more information on CA Milson, visit:

13 Questions… With The Written Universe

Courtesy of The Written Universe. See the original post here.

1. Name one thing you miss about being a child.
The one thing I would miss about being a child is how simple things were. We tend to see things a lot different when we are children; running and playing without a care in the world. The imagination was a lot richer back then too 🙂 I personally think we have the whole life thing backwards. I think we should die first, and get that out of the way. Then we immediately go to a nursing home until they kick us out because we’re too young to be there. Then, we get a gold watch and go to work, then we go to college, then we go to school. Then we leave school because we are too young to be there, and we live the remaining days running and playing with no responsibilties 🙂 Nice huh!

2. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?
Off the top of my head I cannot think of any. Except maybe bugs. Nasty little creatures they are, especially cockroaches. Not the ones you get in the States, but the nasty flying ones you see in Aussie. Absolute disgusting! 🙂 Nothing worse than having roaches in your house. Some parts of Australia are notorious for them, no matter how clean your house it. That and spiders! Give me a scorpion or a snake anyday thanks 🙂

3. Are you a collector of anything and if so, what?
Movies. I like to amass as many movies as I can. I am a film nut at heart. There is nothing I like to do more in my down-time than watching a movie. I have hundreds of movies in storage and several hundred on my computer 🙂 (Yes, I have a beast of a computer that I just refer to as “beast”) 🙂

4. You’re about the walk the Green Mile – what do you have for your last meal?
That is a good question. Never really thought about it that much, but at first thought I will almost quote Jack Nicholson’s character Melvin Udall from “As Good As it Gets“:  3 eggs overeasy, 8 strips of bacon, short stack, fries, cornbread with gravy, and a huge cuppachino 🙂 (Hey, well I did say almost quote him) 🙂

5. What is your favorite cookie?
Without a doubt, one of the best would be Tim Tams 🙂 Until you have dipped a Tim-Tam into a cup of hot chocolate, you haven’t lived 🙂

6. Who is your favorite author?
Stephen King.

7. What musical artist are you currently into?
I don’t have a favorite singer but I do like a variety of music. What appeals to me more is the beat. There are some songs that are good, but there are also a lot of music that quite frankly gives me a headache.

8. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? If so, who are they?
I don’t think I have had an imaginary friend since I was a child. Of course, when I was a child I used to hang out with Batgirl.. Oh my, now I am stepping well into the past. Now who was it that played Batgirl in the 1960’s Batman show?

9. What’s your favorite word?
Any word that comes out of my mouth which sounds long and impressive 🙂

10. What is your current desktop wallpaper?
A rocky cliff overlooking the ocean and there is a lighthouse in the background.

11. You’re at a Chinese buffet – what goes on your plate?
Easy. Dim sims, spring rolls, steamed pork buns, won tons, special fried rice, sweet & sour pork, sweet & sour chicken, beef in black bean sauce.. All on one plate 🙂

12. What person now deceased would you most want to spend some time with and why?
I think for this one I have a list somewhere. Ab Lincoln would be in the top 5; Ronny Reagan naturally for being one of the most influencial leaders of the 21st century; Michael Jackson because of how he changed and redefined the music industry; Vlad the Impaler, strictly for research reasons for one of my upcoming books; The Apostle Paul for inspirational reasons; and there are no doubt some others in there. Of course, my list does change from time to time, depending on the way my own life makes a series of stops and unexpected turns.

13. What are you currently reading? A collection of poems by two very talented writers who should take the next step 🙂

Bitch Slap – Movie Review

Bitch Slap – Written by Rick Jacobson & Eric Gruendemann. Directed by Rick Jacobson. Stars Julia Voth, Erin Cummings & America Olivo.

Tagline: Girls Gone Wild Meets Charlies Angles!

If you like boobs and blood, then you will like this movie.

“Bitch Slap” is a modern throwback to the “B” Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950’s-70’s, mixing hot girls, fast cars, big guns, nasty tongues, outrageous action and jaw-dropping eye candy with a message… don’t be naughty!

Or at least, so the plot says. The movie had lots of soft-core girl on girl action to fulfill any male fantasy, but as far as the rest of the storyline went, I found this leaving me limp and unfulfilled with predictable slow-mo scenes accompanies by the most hideous rock music, clichés at every turn, and cute girls who obviously did this flick for the sheer fun of being in something that was truly beneath (no pun intended) their acting abilities.

If you like Erin Cummings and Julia Voth as much as I do, then by all means watch this one. Otherwise, go rent Charlie’s Angels… again. At least that made more sense.


P&E Readers Poll

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I wanted to share that I am nominated in 2 categories this year for the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, and wanted to ask you all to please take a moment to cast your vote for me this year.
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