Quantum Apocalypse – Movie Review

Quantum Apocalypse – Directed by Justin Jones. Written by Leigh Scott.

Starring: Rhett Giles, Stephanie Jacobsen, Gigi Edgley, Kristen Quintrall.

Tagline: SyFy still releases bad movies.

The idea for this doozy of a disaster movie is simple. A vortex is headed towards Earth and NASA has 39 hours to save the world… again.

While the movie was worth watching to see eye-candy such as Gigi Edgley and Kristen Jacobsen, that was about as far as my interest got in this low budget flick.

There are too many mistakes throughout the movie that brings down the movie’s overall rating. For some reason, Trish’s (Gigi Edgley) clothing keep changing throughout the movie. Lynne (Stephanie Jacobsen) gives her stepson a handgun, and she is a police officer – right, good logical thinking there.
The effects were below average. I especially loved the part where the vortex starts ripping the house apart, and one wooden pillar becomes twisted in it shape like it was made of rubber. Wood usually splinters?
The best part about the movie would have to be the acting of Rhett Giles which is actually quite nice in this horrendous movie.

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