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Bloodline Of Darkness – TWU Review

(Courtesy of TWU)

In a nutshell, if you have a taste for the demonic and trippy goings on, then this book is for you.

C. A. Milson introduced readers to Alex in The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness. At the end of that book, (previously reviewed on TWU), A lot of people were dead and Alex was left standing as a survivor to demons running wild. Alex had come into his powers and all was right with the world. Or was it?

The Chosen: Bloodline of Darkness starts with Alex living his life…or so he thinks. He’s minding his own business one moment and the next he is thrown into terrible visions and nightmares, each more horrific than the next. We’re talking blood, fire, dismemberment, you get the idea.
Alex is constantly being tortured by these episodes, to the point that he can’t tell what is real and what isn’t. Are these phantasmagoria his imagination, or is he really experiencing these things?

As we are jerked along Alex’s wild ride, we too, become confused. Is Alex imagining all this? Has he really forgotten what happened to him and that he is the Chosen? When I say we get jerked along, I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. We become as unsettled as Alex and that is what makes this a suspenseful read. There were times when Alex had “woken up” from his latest nightmare, that I was holding my breath, wondering if this time he was in his here and now, or about to find out he was still in a land of what the hell?

Alex meets a few souls on his adventure this time out – Nanomi, an enigmatic figure who acts as his guide; there is the return of Tanzac, the demon from The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness (you didn’t really think he was going to go away now, did you?); Tara, Alex’s neighbor, and…Alex’s alter ego. To say more about who surfaces in this book edges into spoiler territory.

C. A. Milson has again crafted a good story. It moves quickly and keeps your interest. It ends with a revelation setting the stage for a third book in this series. I’m hoping Mr. Milson has that third volume in the works.

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