2011 a year that was…

2011 … the final trumpet of 2011 is about to ring out loud and clear and with that we will herald in 2012.

This year has been memorable for many of us on different levels. For some it was met with success, for others it just plain sucked 🙂

Rather than mention a long list of reflections as I have done in past years, I think I will make a list of what 2012 can expect out of me 🙂

1. I may or may not follow the hysteria of the 2012 doomsday. I do have my own theory though on the whole “doomsday thing” and I predict that on December 22nd I will awake very much alive in my bed, (or the bed of someone else, depending on what trouble I get into the night before lmao). It will be sunny or it may be raining, all depending on what the weather forecast predicted, and maybe the lawn will need mowed. 🙂 I will make my coffee like I do every morning in my extra large coffee cup (actually it’s a former soup cup, but I aint one for soup anyway. Coffee tastes better than soup anyday), I will turn on my laptop, and most likely play Evil Genius while the coffee gets my brain functioning 🙂 I will probably wonder if there is any last minute shopping I have to do for Christmas, as knowing me there would have been someone I forgot 🙂

2. I will try not to spend too much time on facebook 🙂

3. I will watch more British TV shows (much to the annoyance of some) lol

4. I think I will travel to the UK later in the year.

Some may be wondering though about the big questions that have been left unanswered, so I will answer them now

1. Will I stop smoking? Probably not. Infact I may also take up smoking cigars 🙂

2. Will I start drinking again? That depends on how much people try to stress me out lol

3. Will I find new comedy material? You know what they say, the oldies are still goodies 🙂

4.  Will I make any new resolutions? Ah, nope. Resolutions are better off in the dark recesses of my mind. If I make any, you wont know until I did it and say “Told ya so” lol

5. Will I drink less coffee? My answer to that is: Yeah, okay, when hell freezes over I may 🙂

6. Whatever became of …. :  Yada, Yada, Yada

Whatever you all decide to do on NYE and whatever you plan for 2012, make it the best year that you can….

Til 2012 ………

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