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P&E Readers Poll Results 2011

Congratulations to Thomas James Brown who novel, Revive, came in 1st place in the latest P&E Readers Poll in the category of Horror Novels.

Well done Thomas!

Runners up:

2. Duh, Fried and Zombified, Ryan Miller, MuseItUp Publishing
3. Above Haldis Notch, Keith Pyeatt, Musa Publishing
4. Apostle Rising, Richard Godwin, Black Jackal Books
5. The Night Man Cometh, Tony-Paul de Vissage, Class Act Books
6. Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book One, Robert S. Wilson, Nightscape Press
7. Blood Curse, Tamara A. Lowery, Gypsy Shadow Publishing
8. High Moor, Graeme Reynolds, Horrific Tales Publishing
9. The Trespassers, Brett Matthew Graham, SNM Publications]
9. Heinous, Jonathan Moon, Library of Bizarro Horror
10. Bloodline Of Darkness, C.A.Milson, ASJ Publishing

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