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ASJ Publishing Contest

ASJ Publishing is proud to announce that they have up for grabs 2 Gift Cards from Big W.

Throughout the month of August, the attached banner can be seen on various trains throughout Melbourne.

The Prizes:

– First pic received will win a $25 Gift Card
– Pic with the most “likes” throughout the month of August will win a $100 Gift Card

To Enter:
1. Take a pic of yourself with the banner on the train
2. Submit to our Fanpage:

It’s that easy!

Good luck everyone


Tragedy in Aurora Colorado

For those who have seen the news, you will know by now that last night at the premiere of the new Batman movie, a senseless tragedy took place at a cinema in Aurora Colorado

My heart sincerely goes out to the family and friends of those who were lost in last night tragedy.

What happened last night was a senseless act of violence carried out by James Holmes. For his actions, he deserves no less than the death penalty. No one has the right to take the lives of others, including when that violence extends to the murder of a baby.

I do believe strongly that a complete reform of US gun laws needs to come into effect to help prevent such horrific circumstances happening in the future.

More details on the violence last night can be read here.

Zombie Party

See below for details

Or join the group.

New Release – She’s Not So Ordinary

C.A.Milson’s new horror installment in The Chosen series, and based on the short horror film “This Is No Ordinary Girl“. The new installment  tells the tale of Laura. A girl who once had everything in life to live for. A loving fiancee, a great job and two cats. That was until Jamiesonn  came into her life, and in a whirlwind, everything she had and held precious was gone. For the next 18 months, Laura’s life spiralled out of  control… That was until “he” came along. Garry..

 Garry was charming, witty, and in her life when she did not expect it. But Laura is not everything she seems to be. She holds a dark secret  that will be revealed in the end….

Based on the horror short film “This Is No Ordinary Girl” by C.A.Milson & J.D.Rebel

Coming from ASJ Publishing in August 2012.


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