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Movie Review – Screwballs II – Loose Screws (1985)

Screwballs II – Loose Screws (1985)
Stars: Bryan Genesse; Lance Van Der Kolk; Alan Deveau; Jason Warren; Mike MacDonald
IMDB Rating: 3.8

Plot: This comedy follows four boys named Brad Lovett (Bryan Genesse), Steve Hardman (Lance Van Der Kolk), Hugh G. Rection (Alan Deveau) and Marvin Eatmore (Jason Warren). They’re forced to attend summer school at Coxwell Academy under the watchful eye of Principal Arsenault (Mike MacDonald). While there, the boys play a game where they earn points for scoring with a girl. Each decides to go for the ultimate 100-point score, Mona Lott (Cynthia Belliveau), the new French teacher. But when they’re unable to get a shot at her, they end up in Principal Arsenault’s unforgiving clutches. After all is lost, they take one final chance during the school’s anniversary celebration.


Review: The first time I saw this film was in 1987. At the time I thought that this was an okay movie. Of course, I rented it from the local video store a few more times back then…. Fast forward to 2014. Reflecting on some memories of the movies I had watched in my teenage years, I decided to watch this again, and I think that it will probably be another decade before I watch this again.

The plot sees our fun-loving idiot troupe having to attend Summer school after successfully failing year 12 for the fourth time. They’ve been at Coxwell Academy for about five seconds before they become fixated on seeing their sexy French teacher, Miss Mona Lott, naked. And there is your entire plot – if you want to call it that. The story is one we have seen too many times before. A group of buddies try and score to satisfy their out of control hormones, and fail miserably for the most part. One would think that with their raging hormones, they would be easier satisfied by visiting a local brothel to take care of business, rather than try and score with that which is obviously out of their league.

The one-liners are as cheesy as the character names. One of the film’s so-called highlights is a beach party sequence that takes place on a Canadian shore and features group choreography to one of the film’s many bad 80’s pop tunes entitled  “Do the Screw.” Be that as it may, it seemed to come across as an 80’s revamp of Frankie Avalon’s “Beach Party” beach dance sequence – with the exception that it was far more lame.

Topping things off in this train wreck of a film is the revenge sequence with the main characters wreaking havoc at the unveiling of a statue of the academy’s esteemed founder. The boys get their day with the public humiliation of all the authority figures along with the unveiling of Miss Lott, in which she does a bad striptease number and removes her dress and bra (if anyone was paying attention, she revealed the same amount of T&A earlier in the film, a few times) and not to forget the ending with our heroes suddenly becoming a techno-pop band like in Revenge Of The Nerds.

The failings in this movie are too numerous to mention.

Now that I am older and wiser (so I would like to think anyway), this is a real lame movie, and it may be another decade or so before I watch this again – and only then to show my son (when he is a teenager) the type of crappy movies that came out in the 1980’s.

My rating: 1 out of 10.

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