Movie Review – Dead Mine (2012)

Dead Mine (2012)
Stars: Miki Mizuno; Sam Hazeldine; Ario Bayu; Les Loveday; Joe Taslim; Mike Lewis
IMDB Rating: 4.6

Plot: The legend of Yamashita’s Gold lures a treasure hunter and his group deep into the Indonesian jungle. Once they are trapped in an abandoned World War II Japanese bunker, they face the terrifying reality that the only way out is to go further in.


Dead Mine (2012)

: To say anything good about this movie would be an overstatement, and forced – much like the acting in this film. “Dead Mine” is one heck of a dreadful movie.

The story is simple as it comes, and has been so many times before: Treasure hunter playboy leads a ragtag band of mercs to search for an alleged gold mine. Only difference here is that it is set in a Japanese WWII bunker, and as soon as the gang gets trapped in the bunker, you may as well switch over to watch “The Descent” instead.

There is quite a strong influence in this movie to “The Descent”, with underground tunnels and caves, and of course the “pit” where decaying and rotting bodies lay waste.

If you like stereotyped characters reminiscent of cheesy 1980’s action flicks, invincible super samurai’s, and hardly any real storyline, then watch this film. At least you will know what will happen in the end. Although I don’t normally give the ending away, in this case I will make an exception. Everyone dies at the hands of the Mutant P.O.W. Super-soldiers (who look like “Bane” wanna-be groupies) and Super-Samurai’s.

My Rating: 0.5 out of 10.

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