Undateable – TV Show Review

UndateableTV Series. 2014 –
Created By: Adam Sztykiel
: Chris D’Elia, Brent Morin, Bianca Kajlich, Ron Funches, David Fynn, Rick Glassman
IMDB Rating: 7.1


Storyline: Danny Burton is a 30-ish carefree single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships. When his last remaining friend Shannon moves out to get married, Danny searches for a new roommate. A promising candidate is Justin, the owner of Black Eyes Bar in Detroit (frequently mispronounced “Black Guys Bar”). Justin and his friends – the nerdy Burski, oddball Shelly, and recently out-of-the-closet gay guy Brett – all have certain qualities that make them appear “undateable”. While Danny himself has good luck getting women into bed, he is unable or unwilling to form a lasting commitment with any of them. Danny’s attractive sister, Leslie, has similar fears about being undateable, having the “baggage” of being a mid-30s divorcee with children.

Review: One thing that turns me off sitcom’s is the repetitive laugh-tracks slammed in every 3 seconds. You know what I am talking about here. One of the characters will say or do something that is anything but funny, but the laugh-track is added anyway. Some shows I have seen go completely overboard on the laugh-track to the point of that is all you hear. Other shows (like this one) keep it to a good moderation.

I will admit that I have not seen the lead actor (Chris D’Elia) in any other show, but his performance in Undateable is quite hilarious. D’Elia plays the role of Danny. A 30-something guy who has no problem picking up women, and shares his “wisdom” with a group of ‘undateable’ friends. His roomy (and bestie), Justin (Brent Morin) owns a bar and not only struggles to keep his business above water (it is Detroit remember), but he has issues with trying to get (and then keep) a girlfriend. Then is Danny’s sister, Leslie. A divorced alcoholic who will sleep with any cute guy she sees, regardless if they are straight or gay. Then there’s Cleveland Brown, err I mean Shelly. Full of one-liners, with most of his gags centered around food. There’s Brett. The gay bartender who has trouble landing a boyfriend. Burski, the nerdy guy who has yet to experience sex, and lastly Sabrina, the narcissist ex-girlfriend of Danny, whose sheer existence is being a barmaid and delighting in any troubles that Danny has, and delivering lame one-liners.

Undateable is funny to a point, but for a so-called business owner, Justin shows no real sense of any business knowledge. At best, we see 3, maybe 4 patrons in any shoot. granted, this is a fictional show, but in real life the business would be bust in a matter of days. The show does remind me of Cheers, with the usual gang hanging out at the bar all the time, and makes you wonder just for a second; Do these people actually have jobs?

D’Elia comic deliveries will remind you of that of Pauly Shore, and maybe some antics of Jim Carrey. That said, this leader of the undateable pack will keep you entertained with his brand of humor for a good half hour. (With the exception of one episode where Danny and Justin tried to act like they were drunk, which they pulled off very badly)

Undateable does show some promise, and time will tell if it gets renewed for a second season.

Verdict: Every player needs a “Baby-bird”
Rating: 7 out of 10.


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