Backpackers (TV Series) – Review

Backpackers (TV Series) 2014
Stars – Noah Reid, Dillon Casey, Mishael Morgan
IMDB Rating – 6.0

Plot: In an attempt to get over a serious case of cold feet, Backpackers finds recently engaged Ryan (Noah Reid, Titanic) and Beth (Meghan Heffern, Almost Heroes) embarking on separate European adventures leading up to their wedding. While traveling they are free to act single, adopting the mantra “what happens in Europe, stays in Europe.” But hours into Ryan’s adventure with his party animal and womanizing best friend Brandon (Dillon Casey, Nikita), he realizes he’s made a huge mistake and sets off in search of her. The only problem is he has no idea where she could be – they never exchanged itineraries. This marks the start of a wild adventure that takes the duo to the Amalfi coast, Rome, Berlin, Prague and Paris as they search for Beth, try to avoid an annoying Aussie, dodge a homicidal maniac and fit in a little action on the way


Review: Comedy – good comedy – is an art form and not one that can be mastered by just anyone. This new series on the CW network is an example of comedy that is – to be frank – boring. The series tells the tale of an engaged couple (Beth and Ryan – played by Meghan Heffern & Noah Reid), who decide to have an all out, no holes barred, do anything you want, teen vacation romp fest. (Separately of course)

We have seen this scenario before. Guy has issues about his fiancee sleeping with other guys (which she probably wont because of her “values”, making him look like a real jerk, then they’ll make up in the usual teen soppy kissy-face way… sheesh); His Bestie is a party hard guy who will lead him astray to get on with other girls… You know the rest. Unlimited supply of alcohol, sleezy girls, and of course not to forget the stereotyped Aussie surfer “dude”, complete with the stereotyped bad Aussie accent.

I’m sure the show will eventually pick up, but as for me, I found it predictable and repetitive.

Verdict: Good Grief.. Not another Teen Romp Sleaze Fest

My Rating: 1 out of 10.

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