Ghost Asylum – TV series review

Ghost Asylum (2014 – )
Stars: Brannon Smith, Chasey Ray McKnight, Scott Porter, Scott McDougal, Chris Smith
IMDB Rating: 8.0
Official Site

Plot: GHOST ASYLUM follows the most passionate paranormal team in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, as they examine some of America’s most frightening asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals. Their goal isn’t just to conjure spirits and collect evidence but they are on a mission to physically capture restless souls with their cutting-edge ghost traps and self-trained Tennessean wit.

Ghost Asylum

Review: I watched the first episode of this new series. All I can say is that these boys are passionate about their hobby.

I did like the “solar panel ghost attractor” which seemed to be a take-off from Ghostbusters, and there were a few too many “cut to commentary” for my likings, but that seems to be the norm for reality TV shows anyway.

Some Paranormal shows are interesting enough to follow the series, some are not. This series would fit into the middle somewhere. The show itself had some interesting facts about the history of the hospital they were investigating. One aspect I do like from any paranormal series is how much history of a location the cast will share with their audience, and these boys did a good job on that.

Being this was the first episode, it will be interesting to see how many gadgets these boys will come up with, budget allowing of course from Destination America.

I will say it is a far cry from GAC or Ghost Lab, but it is early days for the lads.

Verdict: Don’t cross the streams!
My Rating: 6 out of 10

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  1. I just Have a few word for me to say GREAT SHOW TO WHATCH “JUST WAITING ” for yall to come to SAN ANTONIO Southwest Asylum for the Insane. It would be INSANE if yall CAME to investigate. I visit a few times in the past it’s a nice place to Get instigated. Files n everything. only downside to everyday people who want to get there kicks on theres an TYC juvenile corrections facilities in the state right next door


  2. I don’t see what makes Ghost Harassers so interesting. Every paranormal investigative team/organization doesn’t go out looking to pray for the dead, guide them to a better place or just to talk with them about the 21st Century, so they know things have changed.

    We the living, have to remember that the dead cant all be treated the same. Some of the dead are ghosts, some are demons and others are lost spirits.

    I wish a TV Network would create a show called Ghost Deliverers. They would be men and women who are leaders from different religious denominations who go to “haunted places” and talk to ghosts about all sorts of things, offer them a opportunity to leave their current place and pray for them and their souls. Not only would they do these things but, also rebuke the living from coming back into a place to hunt, terrorize and harass the dead. Matthew 7:12

    I’d also like to see the United States Government, not just Senators and State reps pass a law that effects the US across the board from searching haunted places of any-kind. Paranormal organizations, groups or persons who is looking to get proof of a passing of a person, ghosts, demon for any reason, would be considered a no questions asked jail time for 60 days with no early release.

    1. Ghost Asylum: “Christian men who look for “lost souls” and then proceeds to try and trap them?”

    2. Ghost Hunters: “A group of people who’s curiosity is more important than trying to help the dead.”

    3. Ghost Encounters: “A show where exposing and magnifying a ghost encounter to the extreme.”

    Leave the lost dead alone because, God will take care of them since you failed to help.



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