Extraterrestrial (2014) – Movie Review

Extraterrestrial (2014)
Stars: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss, Gil Bellows, Michael Ironside, Anja Savcic, Emily Perkins, Sean Rogerson
IMDB Rating: 5.4

Plot: A group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors.

Extraterrestrial (2014)


Review: Still reeling from her parents divorce, April, played by Brittany Allen (Defiance) is dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend, played by Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter & The Half Blooded Prince, Pitch Perfect), the group venture out toward the crash site and discover the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine.

Alien invasion movies have been recycled more times than toilet paper, but instead of going for the found footage genre the Vicious Brothers are known for, they decide to go the route of reinvention (Grave Encounters).

This movie won’t go down in history as one of the best ever alien invasion movies of all time, but if you’re looking for a horror flick about the Greys going on an all out safari to eliminate a group of outmatched humans, then this is the flick for you.

The film starts out with a group of five friends traveling into the middle of nowhere to a secluded cabin-in-the-woods. From here it’s simple – survive the night. Yet surviving the night seems to be stacked against them, as they are being stalked by gangly alien greys who are out for their own night of fun and revelry.

The film certainly did borrow from other such films such as The Matrix (watch the scene where April escapes the cocoon and explores the ship) , The Forth Kind, Fire In The Sky, Signs. Not to forget the conspiracy theories thrown out here and there by Michael Ironside.

The film is creepy, and delicious for horror buffs. Keep watch for the anal probe scene. These guys sure put a new spin on that meaning 🙂

Verdict: If you go out to the woods, whatever you do, don’t go killing any Greys 🙂 
My Rating: 7 out of 10


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