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Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012) – Movie Review

Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012)
Stars: Mathias Melloul, Valérie Maës, Stephan Hersoen, Leïla Denio, Adeline Rebeillard, Laetitia Favart, Nathan Duval.
IMDB Rating: 5.3

Plot: Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class.


Review: Once in a while I will come across a foreign film that needs to be reviewed, and granted, I probably should be reviewing most movies I watch, but unfortunately I do not always get the time.

This is one foreign film that does take the cake, (and maybe the whole bakery), when it comes to the promiscuous lives of one French family. From the grandfather who has regular sex with a local hooker (Laetitia Favart), to the parents, to the 3 grown up children (bar one who is still a virgin).

The film opens up when Romain (Mathias Melloul) gets caught filming himself masturbating in biology class, which then unwittingly breaks through his family’s treatment of sex as a taboo subject matter, and triggers his mother, Claire (Valérie Maës), to open a dialogue with the family, encouraging them to explore their sexuality more freely and openly.

From there, the film branches out to explore the sex lives of the other relatives, including Romain’s parents, his sister and his older brother (who engages in regular threesomes), all of whom find extreme fulfillment with their partners. The endless barrage of sex scenes are never as graphic as they initially appear, with carefully orchestrated camera moves to keep the relevant genitalia just barely out of frame.

The central character (Romain) is the focus point of the film, from his awkwardness with Coralie, and leading up to the predictable scene of his first sexual experience with her. A lot of inner monologues go on with Romain, with not only being frustrated that everyone is having sex but him, but his inner passions that want to be let out.

A well done film that explores the sexual explorations of one family, with just the right amount of passion thrown in.

Verdict: Ah, those French girls…..
My Rating: 6 out of 10.




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