The Librarians (2014– ) – TV Series

The Librarians (2014 – )
Stars: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, Noah Wyle, John Larroquette, Lesley-Ann Brandt
IMDB Rating: 7.3

Plot: A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.

The Librarians (2014– )


Review:  What do TV studios decide to do when one popular TV series ends (Warehouse 13)? Start a new TV series…

Noah Wyle stars as Flynn Carson – The Librarian – who protects a collection of magical artifacts from falling into the hands of Dulaque (played by Matt Frewer). Noah Wyle has a certain presence in his role, but unfortunately he isn’t the main protagonist in this. He is more like a special guest star.

When Flynn’s time is nearing it’s end, he must recruit a new Librarian to safe-guard the Library.

Along comes the new recruits… A band of misfits, all selected by the Library to safeguard the artifacts…

Even though the show runs along similar lines to W13, it does hold its own with the right mix of comedy, we each episode sees our troupe of misfits band together to save the world 🙂 And of course, it is always good to see Ms Romijn in a more comedy role than what we are used to seeing her in Xmen.

Verdict: Filing Evil under History 🙂
My Rating: 8 out of 10





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