Interview With BobVsBob

G’day Bloggers! Today I am chatting to Romanian singer, BobVsBob.


His album “I’m So Random I’m Invisible” was released in March 2014. I will say that his music I feel is inspired by Slipknot and System Of A Down.

Hailing from Romania, Bob is an artist with an academic background in the field of visual arts. His music is a bonus of his struggle to balance the visual and audio. In his own words, it’s “an introspective philosophical work”. While the style of music may not suit everyone, followers of Korn, Slipknot, and System Of A Down may gravitate to the hard metal instrumentals that BobVsBob offers.


Now on with the interview with BobVsBob 🙂

Bob, What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Not much. I’m quite eager to get on with this reality, and get it over with. I’m part nerd, part technician, part musician, part composer, part metal-head, part Rastaman, part hippie. But I’ve thrown all that away, and moved on to better things. I now get outta bed out of responsibility.

If you could hang out with one famous person from history for one day, who would it be and why?

My understanding of life comes close to CROWBAR‘s Kirk Windstein‘s opinions and views throughout their performance and this comes as a coincidence. His view on God and in Jesus is open and he believes, dabbling with the serious suffering of the soul, facing the hard reality. Everyone gets a fresh perspective of the same heap we all live in. I believe in Him, and that we’ve been brought here to be broken in. If not by death itself. What do you do when you fall? Some keep pride. Others ask for help. Others understand they’ve already received the help.

That’s some pretty heavy thinking there Bob 🙂 Tell us, what’s the story behind your album “I’m So Random I’m Invisible“?

It’s the greatest goof of man. Man that in time forgot, that what he cannot see, exists regardless. Besides things that live outside our dimension and our perception, there are quite a lot of things that go on right under our noses, and nobody says a word about it. Like the elephant in the room nobody mentions. Then people started to mention it, whilst others laughed in their faces, and this, for the moment, is still reality. I believe in the great evil conspiracy, and I’m gonna let you figure it out. But this album has an honest first person view of this world with undecided eyes, child-like and resonant of the great ever-present evil, yet striving for good.

What are you working on next?

Working on several new songs; Scrambling for the money to spare on some extra equipment that would actually help me shoot a proper music video. All that I’ve done is no budget stuff done with extreme care, meaning and love.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?

All my music is recorded on gear that gets laughed at, at your average music store. I’ve seen music store owners go fancy and play snob over a pair of headphones so don’t get me started 🙂 I’ve got a song, outside my album, called “down” in which I recreated the exact old school KoRn sound found in Right Now. So much so, that I somewhat remade their intro riff at the end of my song, to prove a point. For example I used an olden communist bass with 3 strings, that I brought to the audio level of fieldy s-bass on that track. Went into digital noise removal and the bunch. The point is, I’ve done LA studio work with stuff that the LA studio people can t even think of working with.

Who are your favorite authors and singers?

I don’t have any favorite singers anymore. I now like extremely random stuff. but my past as a metalhead has paved a road through pretty much all known metal, up to the very interesting philosophical apeal of Crowbar.

What do you like to do with your free time?

Whenever I’m not painting or doing some freelance work, I like to contemplate. Whatever makes me not be shallow. I lay awake at night thinking about the marvel of the extremes.

Tell us about your plans for any upcoming tours.

At the moment I am thinking of quitting music altogether. Maybe picking up a new hobby before the humans turn the earth into a technological nightmare. But kinda feels like a waste, so I mostly take large hiatuses, see if I can forget how to play the guitar. I’m a classic fan of old school metal, and I can enjoy a recording. I fail to see the point to play live. But business is business isn’t it ?

Where can fans find you on the web?

Basically at my bandcamp profile. Real simple and catchy:
I have some songs available at my youtube channel, and a facebook page, all connected to bandcamp.

Thanks Bob for being a guest today and we wish you success in your music.

Readers, you can find BobVsBob online at:


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