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Interview With…. Richard W Black & Miriam-Danielle Black

Hi everyone. Today I am talking with Richard W Black & Miriam-Danielle Black, co-authors of the upcoming release “Heresy’s Child“.

Richard is a freelance writer born and raised in Indiana who currently resides with wife Barbara in Nashville, Tennessee. Heresy’s Child joins his first novel A Cross in Time also published by ASJ Publishing. He is a graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College holding degrees in Christian Education and Biblical Studies, and is a member of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association with a repertoire of work that includes credited animated scripts for CreatvToon, published short stories, more than thirty screenplays and several television episodes.

Miriam-Danielle (MD) Black is a photographer with a love for expressing the bounty of life with her camera and her writing. She studied mass communication at East Tennessee State University then honed her photography skills while living in Nashville, Tennessee by photographing Music City, its people and the future stars of stage, screen and music. MD currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri where she is an active member of the artistic community. Her passions include traveling anywhere, exploring her city and building relationships with interesting people.

Richard and MD 2

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Richard: Writing motivates me daily. Getting up every day and creating something new with words is exciting and, at time, difficult. But the best days are the ones where I have already formulated in my mind what I want to see on the page and it just flows. As a freelance writer, I work five days a week between 10 to 12 hours and I often write on Saturdays although that is usually reserved for other activities.

Miriam-Danielle: Breakfast! And on the weekends: Brunch! I have a very deep love for sharing meals with friends and family. It’s a time when we can exchange stories, reconnect, and enjoy each other’s company. I can’t think of a better way to start a day.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
Richard: That is a difficult question. I would find it hard to narrow a list down to just one; C.S. Lewis, Robert E. Howard, E.E. “Doc” Smith and other authors of my favorite literature come to mind. There are Biblical characters who fascinate me as well as a number of other historical people. One of my expectations about Heaven is that I will be able to spend large chunks of time speaking and listening to some of the great minds of humanity.

Miriam-Danielle: I would say Amy Poehler. She’s a witty comedienne, actress, and writer who seems incredibly authentic. She champions social equality, focusing specifically on the young female demographic through her web series “Smart Girls at the Party,” but then furthered the young female empowerment agenda by development a website which provides a hub for teens, parents, teachers and others to participate in a community built specifically encourage young girls that they can change the world in positive ways.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
Richard: Alexander and the Enchanted Boots. It is the first in a youth/children book series of seven called The Quest of Alexander. Alexander is a boy who thinks he is an orphan in a fantasy world that exists before the flood. He and his three friends go on adventures to find the pieces of the Armor of the King (a metaphor for the Armor of God in Ephesians 6). Once he has all of the pieces, the young king takes on the Black Dragon in the final book to save a sleeping princess and his kingdom.

Miriam-Danielle: A recent event I was very close to has my mind working. The problem is that it requires an emotional investment as it is a very personal issue so it is still in my mind and not on my hard drive.

What are you working on next?
Richard: I am creating the cartoon drawings I call Hat People for a children’s book telling the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the golden idol of king Nebuchadnezzar. It is my favorite Bible story and I have a book from my childhood entitled I See 4 as inspiration.

Miriam-Danielle: I have considered using my photography skills on a coffee table book but have not yet landed on a theme on which I want to spend time.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
Richard: I am told that my writing is something special because it flows well and people find it easy to visualize the stories in their minds as they read.

Miriam-Danielle: I enjoy photography, specifically capturing special moments and emotions.

Who are your favorite authors?
Richard: The aforementioned C.S. Lewis, Robert E. Howard and E.E. “Doc” Smith are at the top of the list. As well, authors of political thriller such as John le Carré and Frederick Forsyth have long fascinated me with their stories and the classics of Charles Dickens and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Miriam-Danielle: I have always enjoyed Patricia Cornwell and her Scarpetta series and Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series.

What do you like to do with your free time?
Richard: Free time is an interesting concept for a freelance writer. I used to read constantly, even when watching television I would be reading as I cannot just sit and watch TV without doing something else. But as I am always reading as I write, researching on the net, drawing has become my hobby. I draw The Hat People as a form of relaxation. My wife and I enjoy the monthly meeting with our euchre club for cards, food and fun. Three times a day, I have the “joy” of walking Calvin the Dog, out miniature schnauzer who loves to play the sniffing game. It is often on walks with Calvin that I am inspired or my thoughts are clarified about a story idea.

Miriam-Danielle: My free time is often spent with friends, exploring the city of St. Louis where I live. St. Louis has so much to offer and it always seems that there’s some sort of block party, parade, pub crawl or general celebration happening around this eclectic city.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
Richard: The Hive. It is the story of an insurance cost accountant bored with his life until he begins to jump into a parallel world where giant Waspoids, a cross between human and wasp, have taken over the world and are out to conquer humans, their major source of food. As with my novels, I have transformed it into a screenplay as well.

Miriam-Danielle: I am working with Dad on a creepy story entitled Wicked Deception that mimics a true story with which I came into contact. We are in the process of writing a screenplay on the subject which we anticipate expanding into a novel. Obviously, we are changing the names, locations and anything else required to protect the innocent, which by necessity also protects the guilty.

Where can people find you on the web?

RichardWBlack.com where there is plenty of information about me, my blog of thoughts and also drawings of The Hat People.
ASJ Publishing

I’m more of a private person online, so the majority of my web presence is restricted to a private Facebook page and a private Twitter.

Any final thoughts?
Richard: Recently, I have ventured into the world of short stories and have one that will be published as part of an anthology called Space Partners. I have discovered that it saves me time with the long form. If I cannot formulate a story in the short form then, it will not work as a novel or screenplay. My computer is filled with story ideas that did not work and have consumed large blocks of time. With a short story, I can see it the concept will work before taking it on as a longer project. I am currently writing a script based on a short story which seemed to work well.

Miriam-Danielle: I enjoy traveling and new locations. I was blessed and cursed to have parents with happy feet so we moved around and they passed that trait along to me. I have thought it would be great to live in other places like some parts of California just for the experience of it and Savannah, Georgia because that city fascinates me. Dad and I visited Savannah when I was searching for a college but I discounted the institution because the female to male ratio was 13 to 1. I wish I could go back in time and tell my foolish 18-year-old self to not be so shortsighted.

Thank you both for being here today 🙂

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