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Game Review – Saw II

Game Review: Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 2010

Story: Step into the dark and tormented world of Saw 2 and experience the gruesome traps that Jigsaw has created to test your will to survive. With new traps, puzzles, and combat system players will need to think fast and act quick to pass the rigors of the tests Jigsaw has engineered. Set between the Saw and Saw II movies, the game follows Detective Tapp’s estranged son Michael, who become Jigsaw’s next subject while he is investigating father’s recent death.


Fast Review: Saw II: Flesh & Blood. Not exactly a game that will jump out at you, and one that I haven’t seen at JB Hifi, or EB Games. I found this on Xbox Live as a Demo.

The scene starts with Campbell, a drug addict placed in the “Venus Fly Trap” who has to cut beneath his right eye to retrieve a key to stop the deadly mechanism. He then has to go through numerous, deadly traps in order to retrieve his long lost son, who is also a drug addict, including throwing a man off a ledge for his own survival. Before finding his son, the player is forced to choose either sacrificing Campbell for the sake of a stranger, or saving himself.

The gameplay is very graphic, with scenes of self-mutilation and horrors that even those with strong stomachs (like me) made cringe … well, maybe just a little 🙂

Overall, the graphics were good to a point, but the storyline was not all that spectacular. For me I rather play TWD or State Of Decay than this.

My Rating: 3 out of 10.

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